SUR’s Sonic Landscapes

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Our favorite, SUR, just released his new music and video and we’re so excited to see what he’s been up to. Only Road is just a small peek into his life and it gives fans a deeper look and connection with the raw artist. We were stoked to be able to talk to him again. 

It’s been a while! Tell me about your new project and music!  

SUR: I've cracked and you can see inside. I want to inspire and set the world on fire. I want to make the sounds that create the feels. 

What is Only Road about in your words? What was the inspiration behind this track?

SUR: I tend to write songs that are deep and broad in meaning, things we can all relate to or a feeling we have all felt. My goal is to put a sound to an emotion, To build a sonic landscape that translates the feeling of the mood and a rhythm that dictates the pace of the conversation. “Only Road” is a song about order and chaos and how we all have to deal with these things. The yin yang and the balancing act we do in between the two is the road of life and we dance along its path until we reach the end. Without the lowest of lows there are no highest of highs, so along the road, we go in search of the next big one. I wanted the song to be soulful and feel like church but be dangerous like the bad streets. I worked with Jeff Gitty on the track. Everything fell into place very organic and quick which isn’t always the case when working with someone for the first time. I like collaborating, it keeps you on your toes, and you learn a little more about yourself and the process than working alone. Give the song a listen and tell me what you think. I really hope it resonates with people and they come back for another sip.

What’s next?

SUR: I hope to get an Olympic medal in persistence and or ability to translate emotion into sound, I'd be cool with silver but not bronze. Also, I'm playing some really killz festivals like LIB and Wanderlust this summer. The video for ONLY ROAD is out and I dig it a lot.  Hope to be loved by few and liked by millions.

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