SUR’s Sonic Landscapes

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Our favorite, SUR, just released his new music and video and we’re so excited to see what he’s been up to. Only Road is just a small peek into his life and it gives fans a deeper look and connection with the raw artist. We were stoked to be able to talk to him again.  It’s been a while! Tell …

My 2018 SXSW Diary

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SXSW is hell week, but in a good way. This year I was planning a day party (girls to the front) as well as doing press which means a ton of interviews every day and getting videos and live-tweeting. I drink 5 hour energies nonstop and think all together I ate 3 slices of pizza for the 7 days total and I walked more than I’ve ever walked. It’s exhausting but so rewarding.

SUR Tells Us How The California Coast Inspired His Latest Project

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Zack Arnett, who you’ll know as SUR, is as smooth as his music. As a musician and producer, his latest project was inspired by a trip along the California coast. Zack became frustrated by the city of Los Angeles so he created a studio in the back of his RV and journeyed throughout the desert and national parks and of course, Big Sur.  His music is inspiring, creative, and his personality is nothing short of that, too.