UPSAHL On New Vignettes And Upcoming Tour

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We've been obsessed with UPSAHL's unique songs and whole vibe. Her new vignettes are just gorgeous and we're so excited to premiere one of our faves for her song "Drugs." We also talked to her about her new music and upcoming tours.

First of all, tell me about your new song, “Wish You’d Make Me Cry.” 

UPSAHL: I wrote Wish You’d Make Me Cry with one of my favorite producers, Pete Nappi. I remember coming into the session and venting about this guy in my life who was almost too nice. I’m obsessed with trashy reality TV shows, so whenever my personal life starts to fall short of a Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s episode, I always feel the need to stir up some drama. But the guy this song is about just wasn’t into the drama, and was always wanting to peacefully talk things out and keep things fair. I just remember venting to Pete in the session, and at one point, I said, “I just wish he would make me cry.” I guess you always want what you don’t have, so I wrote the song in a moment of frustration with how this guy was almost too good to be real.

What was it like performing at Lolla? 

UPSAHL: The fact that I got to play Lollapalooza still hasn’t really set in. It’s fucking insane. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I started making music. I was a little nervous that no one would really show up to the set, but a bunch of dope ass people showed up and sang along and danced with me. It was one of the coolest feelings ever to be in a new city, at a major festival, hanging out with a bunch of my fans. It still feels surreal. 

How have you been prepping for your upcoming tour with PVRIS

UPSAHL: I am SO pumped to be a part of this tour. PVRIS is such a rad band, so I’m excited to be on the road with them, to meet all of their fans, and hopefully make some new fans. I’ve been going pretty non stop since Lollapalooza, so there hasn’t really been any crazy tour prep. I’m also hopping right off of a tour with Tessa Violet the day before the PVRIS tour starts, so I’m just going to be riding on a tour high all month.  

What’s your favorite thing about performing live? 

UPSAHL: I am addicted to being on stage. It sounds so cheesy, but it seriously is my favorite feeling in the whole world. I think the best part about performing is sharing the energy with the crowd. My set feels very much like an emotional rollercoaster, so to go through those emotions with a room full of people feeling the same way that you do is really cool. 

I feel like your songs are so relatable, why is that important for you? 

UPSAHL: For me, songwriting has always been like therapy to me. However I’m feeling on a specific day, that’s typically the kind of song I’m going to write. I never really made a conscious decision of “Oh, I need to make sure all my music is relatable,” it was just something that happened pretty organically due to the fact that my lyrics are basically just me venting about my life most of the time.

What’s been inspiring you lately? 

UPSAHL: I’ve been feeling really inspired by bands like New Order and The Pixies lately. Digging back into bands that I grew up listening to has been fun. 

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