Violet Days Hates The After Party

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I feel like I've been a Violet Days fan since day one. I remember listening to their song "Your Girl" and knowing that they had something and I've loved every sparkling indie-pop song they've released after. They have this beautiful way of making catchy melodies with heartbreaking lyrics. It's my favorite thing. I caught up with Lina about their latest drop "Afterparty."

Lina!!! Tell me about “Afterparty” what’s the story behind the song?

Lina: It’s about loneliness and the bittersweet feeling of when the party is over and you’re on your own. It’s a discussion with myself, trying to overcome the sad feeling of it and trying to find harmony in that feeling.

I love sad lyrics with pop music, I feel like that’s your specialty. Why are you drawn to that style?

Lina: I’ve always been a sucker for melancholy, I think it comes from the Swedish folk music that I grew up around. I personally love to listen to songs that put words onto my feelings and usually it has a sad aftertaste, now when I think about it. But I really enjoy when a song sounds and feels happy, but the lyrics are sad. There’s just so much heart in sad songs.

How do you feel like your sound has progressed sing the “Your Girl” days? 

Lina: We constantly aim to go somewhere new sound-wise and try not to write the same songs over and over again. I feel like we’re still in the lane of alternative pop but also taking a few turns here and there with the new songs coming up. Keeping it exciting. 🙂

How has the tour with The Midnight been going?

Lina: It’s absolutely amazing! This is our very first US tour and they've taken such good care of us. The crowds have been insane and we’re having the best time connecting with new fans and seeing all these beautiful places.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Lina: My friends, the soundtrack to the TV show “Bates Motel”, and all these cities we see for the first time. New Orleans stole a piece of my heart and I felt so inspired after spending some days there. 

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