Yianna Is One-Of-A-Kind

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Yianna’s journey into music is incredible. Prior to becoming a singer-songwriter, her plan was to join the army, but then she fell into a group of music lovers in New York and the rest is history. Her soulful voice has so many layers. Her latest, “Heavy Waters” is about being in the middle of a bad relationship and not knowing if you’ll ever see your way out. We’re so stoked to premiere this single to you!

Yianna, your voice is truly so unique. Who are artists that have inspired or influenced your craft?

Thank you! I’ve always been super inspired by unique voices. Nina Simone, Aretha etc. Aside from their insane technical abilities, those women have such unique sounds and I really appreciate that. I used to think my voice was weird, but I learned to just embrace it.

Tell me about this track and was this inspired by a real-life situation?

For sure, everything I write is based on a real-life situation. This one is about being in a weird spot where you feel like a relationship is coming to an end and you know you should end it, you just don’t know how. It’s a scary place cause you’re kind of just like, shit am I in too deep? That’s how I felt

about some working relationships I was having at the time in music.

Your original plan was to join the army, at what point did you turn to songwriting and music?

The whole thing happened on a whim. I wanted to be a cop growing up, and then I decided I wanted to go into the military. My family was super against it, they encouraged me to get a hobby - singing was that hobby. I’m pretty stubborn so when I get dead set on something I just go for it.

What’s coming up next for you?

Lots of music and it’s gonna be a little, let’s say, different, than the ones you’re hearing now. But I’m so excited

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