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Sophie Cates, who you might know as Silver Sphere is releasing her second EP this fall. Her upbeat pop sound is unique and addicting. It was great getting to know the reason behind her stage name and talk all about Taylor Swift and her contribution to music and inspiring Sophie for being the artist she is today. We’re so excited to hear more from her this year. 

Tell me why you chose the moniker Silver Sphere? 

I went through different phases in this process. I had started with Silver because I loved 90210. My mom always told me she wanted to name me Sylvia, so through this alternate idea, I wanted to create this world for myself. 

Who are some artists that have influenced your sound?

I love all music, but I have to say, Taylor Swift. It was after listening to her that I really thought that artists could write songs. My parents listened to a lot of classical music and jazz growing up so I grew up with that, and show tunes. Now, I listen to all of it - folk, pop, electronica, rap. 

I also love Taylor Swift! So I totally get it. How do you think how she’s paved her way in music influenced you, too? 

She’s taught me a lot about the industry - how to handle a predominately male industry and She’s just taught me, and others in my generation, how to be a strong woman and what it means to be a strong woman. 

Tell me the process of how you create your music? 

I started doing it in my room as an emotional release. I normally focus on a sound first, perfect that and then start writing the lyrics. 

Which song are you most proud of? 

Definitely “lost cause.” I wrote it at 15 and I think the songwriting still holds up. It’s got a mix of my folk and country influences throughout the track.  

Have you picked up any hobbies in quarantine?

Does binging Love Island count?

Okay, I am OBSESSED with Love Island. Anything else? 

I’ve also watched Normal people, Friday Night Lights and some Gilmore Girls. 

Anything else you want fans to know? 

I want my fans to know that while quarantine can suck and even sometimes normal life can suck, the silver sphere is open to all. Come to escape problems, fuckboys, whatever! And! We have glitter!

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