5 Gifts For The Fangirl In Your Life

emilytreadgold Editorial

Portable Charger
I cannot emphasize this enough. I carry about 3 backup chargers to every concert, festival, anything. We wait in lines for a long time. We wait front-row at festivals. Fangirls are patient beings. We are also very active on social media. We need that full-charge. How are we going to live-tweet with a dead phone? It gives me panic attacks even thinking about it.


Music Subscription
There’s so many music subscriptions out there. Even if it’s the newer Apple Music, or a YouTube red account. Nobody likes those ads. No one. I actually just recently bought Spotify, I’ve been coasting this whole time.

Fest Gear
Festivals are a religious ceremony for us. It’s also important to stay hydrated and have a poncho on hand. Even a tasty new fanny pack so we can dance carefree without smacking someone with our crossbody purse.


Oh beautiful merch! Every single one of you knows your girl’s favorite band. I could find the perfect merch for each of our writers right now. Go to the bands website and find some merch.


If you want to be the best present giver ever. Look no further than tickets to an upcoming show. Even if it’s not One Direction, just make an effort. Is it a cool electro-pop indie band with a lot of potential and they opened for some huge band? Do it. Free tickets. Yes please.

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