The Unspoken Rules Of Concert Etiquette

emilytreadgold #2, Editorial

I go to a lot of concerts, whether they’ve been for work or fun. I’m pretty well trained on the certain unspoken rules about concerts. If we all just lived by these little rules then I’m sure the concert-going experience would be way more enjoyable for all of us.

Line Rules

I’m so impressed by fans that are willing to stand outside for hours in all kinds of weather for bands. That’s love right there. If you choose to partake in this ritual, please keep in mind that saving a spot for a couple of friends is fine, saving a spot for ten acquaintances is rude to everyone. Also, you’re my favorite person if you share your pizza with me.

Crowd Rules

Play nice. The people at the front got there by waiting for a long time. Don’t push or shove other people. That’s playground rules. It’s all about finding the gaps between the heads. Also stop height-shaming, tall people want to be in front sometimes and that’s fine. I am very short but I’m good at finding those gaps or just accepting my height. Sometimes standing in the back is actually a better view.

Show Rules

Watch the opening band and be respectful. You don’t know who they’ll be in another year. Don’t fight over set-lists and guitar picks, it’s not worth it. Support the band and buy their merch, it helps a lot and they are fun memories. Dance, dance, dance, please don’t stand around looking bored, that doesn’t make you look cool it makes you look lame. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Take a couple of photos and a small video if you choose, but don’t Snap the whole freaking show. You are bothering everyone. Be in the moment and experience the show through your eyes not your phone.

Clothes Rules

Don’t wear heels. What are you thinking wearing heels? I understand you want the height advantage but stilettos won’t work. Try some platform sneakers or something. It’s generally always acceptable to wear jeans and a t-shirt or at least dress like the band. This isn’t the club.