A Complete Review Of 5SOS Youngblood

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Sam and Kasey here, your go-to 5SOS fangirls. So, it’s been about three years since 5 Seconds of Summer graced us with an album and two years since they presented us with a single. Don’t get us wrong, we both still continue to belt out “Girls Talk Boys” as the anthem that brought our friendship together, but we’ve been anticipating new music since July of 2016. The wait was worth it because these boys have transformed into young men creating music that we’re obsessed with. Their transformation musically and even physically have both of us saying, “Who are you how old are you where do you live how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?!” Literally, we say these things and the like to one another on the daily. With that in mind, here’s your inside look into our boy band-obsessed minds trying to come to terms with Youngblood.


Sam- The second single 5SOS dropped on us and, of course, I loved it just the same. It is very fitting for this track to be not only the first on the album, but the album title itself. The guys did this to show their transition and while they’re still very much the same guys who sang about Michael wanting another slice of pizza, their lyrics and sound have matured with them. It’s seriously the perfect choice to give you a preview of the songs to come.

Kasey- Honestly, putting pen to paper with my thoughts on this song is difficult because I love it SO much. It’s a phenomenal choice to kick off the album with and really sets the tone for their new sound. I love the way it builds from the first verse into the chorus and then picks up throughout where by the end you are actually scream-singing.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for their mini tour a few months ago and am here to confirm that this song is elevated even more live, so much so that I was flinging my arms around during it so wildly that I fully scratched the face of my Apple Watch on some concrete pillar at the venue.

Want You Back

Kasey- As the first long-awaited single from the album, Want You Back did NOT disappoint. It’s very Luke-heavy, and as someone who is Luke AF, I loved hearing his voice so prominently and in a way that truly feels more mature. The lyrics are relatable in an emotional way, and I love the vulnerability/honesty.

Sam- This was the first song 5SOS graced us with after being gone for two years. Immediately, I was impressed and drawn to Luke’s vocals. He’s really gotten stronger and while this song is supposed to have you vying for someone to come back to your life, the upbeat music almost makes you forget it’s a sad song. I’ve listened to this song every day since it’s dropped and I’m still not tired of it.

Lie To Me

Kasey- It’s a bold statement, but I think Lie To Me might be my favorite song on the album. It’s catchy and meaningful all at the same time, which is everything I love in a song. The vocals are stellar in the bridge to the chorus, and it just feels like the words are so real to them that it’s truly powerful.

Sam- Call this the ballad of the entire album. While it’s still a bit upbeat, it’s got a soft rock vibe and each members’ vocals are highlighted. They’re all known for their punk rock do-what-they-want personalities, but you see a softer side with this one.


Kasey- Valentine is the song on the album that, for lack of a better word, intrigued me. The sound is unique, which is kind of hard to come by in the pop/punk music industry, and initially I wasn’t totally sold on it. However, the more I’ve listened to it, it’s truly grown on me because of how different it is - that makes me even more proud of the band for continuing to raise the bar and do their thing.

Sam- I actually heard this song live at a show before the album date was announced and I’ve been DYING for the studio version. The moody music paired with the sentimental lyrics oddly mix surprisingly well.  This track is definitely in my top 3 from the album, and it kind of has me wishing it was Valentine’s Day all year round???

Talk Fast

Sam- If you followed the band as closely as we did leading up to 5SOS3, you’d notice they spent a majority of their time with other musicians. Talk Fast mirrors The Night Game’s, “The Outfield” complete with a huge 80’s influence. And as many times as I listened to that track last summer, it’s no surprise that “Talk Fast” came out as my favorite of all the tracks from Youngblood.

Kasey- OK, I spoke too soon on Lie To Me - maybe this is my favorite on the album!? I have had this song in my head since the first time I heard it and that’s how I know it’s at the top for me. I love a good bop more than a slow song any day and HERE. IT. IS. Like Sam said, you can tell they’ve strongly pulled in other influences here while still making it their own and the end result is killer.

Moving Along

Sam- I was kind of worried we’d wouldn’t get a glimpse of the pop-punk band I became obsessed with in 2014, but they quickly proved me wrong. This song is the perfect angsty post-breakup song. You know the one- where you’re miserable but you’ll never be the one to reach out first. The group’s inner battle of reconciling and trying to move on is addictive and before you know it, you’re yelling the words driving with the windows down.

Kasey- I wholeheartedly agree with Sam on being thrilled to come to a song that brings me back to OG 5SOS. It’s like an All-American Rejects-esque vibe, but with that classic 5SOS spin on it. It feels very cohesive, like collectively the band members were all relating to this, and I can already picture them killing it to this on stage. This song takes you to wanting to see/hear it live because as a body of fans, it will just be that much better in that setting.

If Walls Could Talk

Kasey- My first reaction to this one is to the beat - it’s a strong, fast beat that you’re instantly bobbing your head or tapping your toes to. If Walls Could Talk is also a song that really allows for true vocals to be showcased and it’s a really important part of this album. It makes you feel like they’ve learned so much over the years, both personally and musically, and they want us to know it.

Sam- You know the kind of song that’s infectious? Has a good beat that you know will definitely be stuck in your head for the rest of the day? That’s what If Walls Could Talk did for me. Upon the first listen, I didn’t even know all the words, but I was humming and bopping to the beat for the rest of the day. The music accompanying the track highlights the group’s versatility to switch instrumental styles.

Better Man

Kasey- The CHORUS in this song, y’all. It’s truly a standout point of this album for me. It’s just the right beat and harmony combination to show how well the band knows themselves and how they work together. It’s also, I think, the first glimpse of them talking about love in a positive way, which is a nice change of pace. For people who love them as much as we do, you want to hear them sing about being happy, too.

Sam- I’m with Kasey on this one. THIS SONG’S CHORUS! When I first heard this, I was already swaying in my car. I know we’ve all been waiting for these guys to present us with a love song, and I think with Better Man, we finally got it.


Kasey- More is another track that I feel like gives me that old school 5SOS vibe, as well, with just a little feistier of a sound and Luke’s distant voice in the bridge. This song showcases heavily how talented they are instrumentally, with a few moments where it’s just the music, so you can tell it will be an important one for them since they’ve worked so hard to excel in that area.

Sam- If you need a hype song, this is it. This song is exactly what you want from the rock band- the infectious energy sets you up and wanting more. Luke’s range in this track in particular has just progressed so much since the days of She Looks So Perfect.

Why Won't You Love Me (Ft. Rivers Cuomo)

Kasey- In the exact opposite of what I said above, Why Won’t You Love Me sounds far from the 5SOS sound I’m used to. It feels more rock-esque and the echo during the chorus is unique for them, giving off more of a “relaxed” feel - a song you might listen to during a chill Thursday night with the windows open and a bottle of wine. AKA, my favorite kind of night.

Sam- You ever have that moment when you’re sitting at a bar, winding down, and all of a sudden your favorite song comes on? This is that feeling Why Won’t You Love Me gives me. It’s the kind of song you play when you’re ready to end the evening, but then you just can’t not yell the chorus into your glass of wine. I know what you’re thinking, but no, I didn’t do this while I was writing this review.

Woke Up In Japan

Kasey- So many songs about Japan these days! This one is punk-y and really builds to the chorus, which I love because it leads to the part of the song where you’re like YES. And by the part where you say YES, I mean the runs Luke does during the chorus because DANG. His voice has really elevated since their last album and he’s owning it.

Sam- Everyone seems to be going to Japan-at least lyrically! The way the song builds up to the chorus is seriously impressive. Luke’s vocals are so powerful and it’s so amazing to hear him sing confidently in this track.

Empty Wallets

Kasey- I love the band singing together in this one - their voices are so powerful together. They also really cycle through each owning different parts of the song, which makes it super dynamic. It’s hard to believe that they actually have empty wallets, but I appreciate them relating to those of us who have literal empty wallets after purchasing two shirts, four albums and two sets of concert tickets. Empty wallets FTW.

Sam- This track is probably the most relatable because like Kasey said, we all have empty wallets from the tickets, albums, and merch we’ve  purchased from this band. But this track is also the most impressive from a vocal standpoint. You can hear Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton separately and it’s all so perfectly blended.

Ghost of You

Kasey- The way this song begins is truly soft and sweet, which isn’t something I’d typically connect to a 5SOS song. It pairs impeccably with the piano in the background, which is also exciting because the boys said they worked so hard to all improve at the piano when creating this album. The combination of the piano and the vulnerable lyrics set this track apart from everything else on the album. I mean, “my feet don’t dance like they did with you,” to close the song is honestly heartbreaking.

Sam- Okay, whoever broke these boys’ hearts, I have some questions. This song seriously had me experiencing feelings I didn’t even think I had. The piano accompaniment really ties everything together. I remember watching them create the album and how they worked so hard to master the piano and it’s beautiful to see it come to fruition.   

Monster Among Men

Kasey- Transitioning to this song straight from Ghost of You is brilliant. It’s an upbeat, little lighter sounding track and for me, a song a needed right after that. I also really like the lyrics for this one - each line is pretty pithy in the verses and it really keeps your attention hooked from line to line. I have also already started inserting my own claps to the beat, so obviously it’s a success.

Sam- This track isn’t quite a love song, but it’s very upbeat and light like one. With the several we’ve heard about heartbreak and loneliness, this is the perfect transition to get you to the end of the album. Also, can we talk about that guitar solo?! Michael’s always been a talented musician, but usually we see and hear this on stage. It’s the greatest thing hearing it on a recorded track.

Meet You There

Kasey- If I was the type that recorded reaction videos, this song is absolutely one I would NOT record myself for because of how excessively I am trying to headbang and play the pretend drums simultaneously during it. So far, this song has the most extensive drum solo and it’s phenomenal - kill it, Ashton. But really, listening to this one gives you a little look into something that was obviously very important to them, since they used it for the tour title.

Sam- I’m always intrigued by how the band comes up with their tour names. When they announced the Meet You There tour, I wasn’t sure what it was about, but then this track cleared up everything. “So you go your way and I'll go mine / And if we're meant to, I'll meet you there” is the perfect pairing of lines to describe any fan’s relationship with the group. Especially because this fan’s driving out of her own city to see them.


Kasey- I LOVE that this song closes the deluxe album. It’s truly an unexpected gem. It starts out with that almost hype music and then just builds into a surprisingly unique, fun song, with the bridge almost like an anthem. I think my favorite part is that It feels like they each get an opportunity to shine during it, which I like to think is one of the reasons they chose it to wrap up the album. Calum is truly a stand out in this one for me, really owning the verses he sings and reminding you how talented he is vocally too.

Sam- Babylon was honestly the only way to close out this album. It’s powerful, upbeat, and not what I expected at all. Calum’s really grown a lot vocally and I love that this track was the perfect way to show that to the world.

And there you have it - all 16 songs and the part you can’t see, which is the spastic texts and selfies we have sent each other at every stage of this process. Altogether, we don’t hesitate to say that this is the most impressive body of work 5SOS has put out. It’s thoughtful, creative and mature, and it elevates the band in a way they hadn’t totally been successful at before. We’re proud of them for taking the time they needed to put together an album that is honest and them in every way. There’s truly something for everyone in these 16 tracks. And on that note - catch us at multiple stops of the Meet You There tour, obviously.

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