“Boy band” Isn’t An Insult, You Need To Get Over It

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When you think of boy bands, what comes to mind? One Direction? NSYNC? The Backstreet Boys? I recently posted a Tik Tok saying all bands with boys are boy bands, and people got very, VERY upset, mostly because I grouped in 5SOS (along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin). According to comments, they can’t be a “boy …

CALM: Track-By-Track

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I could go on and ON about 5 Second of Summer’s musical journey. Watching the band transform from their “Try Hard” days to their latest, “Wildflower” has been fascinating and exhilarating. I seriously feel like a proud mom watching this group talk about their journey of playing to audiences of 20 to now sold-out arenas. The band presented their 4th …

5SOS Meet You There Tour

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This fall, 5 Seconds of Summer has quite honestly taken the country by storm, both embarking on the U.S. leg of their Meet You There tour and hitting #1 just this week on the pop radio chart for the first time ever with their second single, Youngblood (a BOP, y’all).

With two 5SOS fans who have been around since the band’s beginning, we at The New Nine hit up not one but two shows this tour and boy were we in for a treat.

A Complete Review Of 5SOS Youngblood

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Sam and Kasey here, your go-to 5SOS fangirls. So, it’s been about three years since 5 Seconds of Summer graced us with an album and two years since they presented us with a single. Don’t get us wrong, we both still continue to belt out “Girls Talk Boys” as the anthem that brought our friendship together, but we’ve been anticipating new music since July of 2016.

5 Seconds Of Summer Is Way More Than A Boy Band

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Alright, as the young woman who knows the newest music and follows any new band around, I’ll be honest, I was a very late fan to 5 Seconds of Summer. I blame this on the fact that I’m 26, and well, their oldest member is 22. However, it didn’t take long for “She Looks So Perfect” to hit my local radio and with those catchy hooks and clever lyrics, I was instantly sold.