Angelic Montero Is Bringing The 2000’s Back

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Angelic Montero’s sound is heavily influenced from her Latin background. Her voice effortlessly blends cultures together and it shows in her music. We spoke with Angelic about her musical influences, artists she loves and her new mixtape that’s been out. 

How has your Venezuelan influence had an impact on the songs you create and music? 

Angelic: I was born and raised in Miami in a Latin community with Venezuelan parents, so I have a natural feel for Latin music and LOVE it - BUT this project You Get Me? My mixtape is an R & B throwback of flips from the late nineties and early 2000s. 

Tell me about You Get Me?

Angelic: You Get Me? Is a mixtape of late nineties early 2000’s R & B classics that we flipped and made our own…  

What was your favorite track you've created? 

Angelic: My favorite track would have to be "Sometimes". 

Which are you the most proud of? 

Angelic: I am most proud of the track “Y U Wanna”. I grew so much recording this track - vocally. I really learned how to use my voice in a different way and I’m pretty proud of myself.   

Who are some of the artists that have inspired you? 

Angelic: Some of the artists who have inspired me are Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Aaliyah, and JLO.

Who are artists that you're currently listening to? 

Angelic: I am currently listening to Ty Dolla $ign, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani, Giveon, The Weeknd, and so many more - my musical taste is really diverse.

How has quarantine shaped your musical process? 

Angelic: It has helped me grow quite a bit. I taught myself how to work in my home studio, learning how to engineer, use pro-tools, and I’m currently learning how to play guitar as well.  

On the opposite side have there been hobbies you've picked up in quarantine? 

Angelic: I’ve become a dobie mom - yep I have a Serbian Doberman called Pluto I also enjoy surfing, skateboarding, playing video games and I am one of the biggest shopaholics you will ever meet!!  

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