Annie Hamilton’s IDGAF Anthem: Dynamite

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Annie Hamilton knows how to catch our attention, her new song “Dynamite” is an explosive song that feels like a burst of energy. It’s a declaration of what’s to come. Her new era is going to capture that energy, urgent, bold, extroverted. We talked to her about the new song and the new direction and what’s been inspiring her lately.

Tell me about your song "DYNAMITE" what's the story behind it? 

Annie Hamilton: This song arrived fast and fully-formed, like dynamite. I demoed it dancing around my kitchen with my laptop sitting on the kitchen bench because I didn't feel like I had time to sit down, and recorded it with Jake Webb (Methyl Ethel) a couple of weeks later. To me, this song is a tongue-in-cheek i-don't-give-a-f*ck anthem - it is fun, confident, bold and unaffected, it doesn't take itself too seriously, it just shrugs off the doubt and does its own thing. We included heaps of samples and found sounds - dynamite explosions from old Western films, the chk-chk of a shotgun, a voice memo I recorded of a scooter bell, car tyres screeching, and at one point Jake and I pretended to be dogs and howled into a microphone for the Legally Blonde reference. I think you can hear how much fun we had recording this song.  

It really feels like such an anthem, what are you hoping listeners take away from the song? 

Annie Hamilton: I feel like the main message of this song is in the chorus - "so you can watch on from the sidelines while I live my life wrong and I waste all my time" - it's basically saying, I'm going to live the way that I wanna live, whether or not anyone else thinks it's the 'right' way to live. I hope that listeners feel empowered and encouraged to live boldy and go for whatever it is they want in life.  

What has been inspiring you lately? 

Annie Hamilton: I've just spent three weeks in the studio with Jake working on my album, which is almost finished! I don't listen to any other music when I'm working on my own music, and we have a no-spotify rule in the studio. I love working like this because it means I can just get really immersed in the work without distraction. Whenever I'm working on creative stuff (basically always) I make sure I spend heaps of time in nature - early morning walks, sunset walks, jumping in the (freezing) ocean every day, hanging out with Jambi, the beautiful dog at the house I was staying at... And I always try to have at least half an hour every morning pen to paper, writing - working on lyrics or just getting images and ideas out of my head. Whenever I feel stuck, I go for a big run / walk / get outside / step away, and always come back with some fresh ideas or a new perspective.

What songs have been on your rotation lately?

Annie Hamilton: I'm obsessed with Blondshell's album, that has been on seriously high rotation - Kiss City is suchhhh a good song. I've also been listening to heaps of old stuff - No Doubt's classic album Rock Steady, Madonna's Ray Of Light, Bjork, Robyn...

What keeps you motivated? 

Annie Hamilton: Following my gut, prioritizing rest and balance, being a creative sponge (reading books, listening to music, going to see live music, going to galleries, being hungry for art) and just picking up my guitar and playing and singing - always going back to the reason I'm doing this in the first place, and blocking out all the 'industry' bullshit.

What's next for you?  

I'm heading to the UK and Europe NEXT WEEK for a co-headline tour with my angel friends / fellow Aussie band CLEWS, and playing at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, soooo excited. Tickets to all these shows are on sale now! Then heading back to Freo (Western Australia) to finish recording my next album 🙂

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