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Indie alt-pop artist, Päter's, musical journey is proof of the transformative power of art. With the upcoming release of their debut album '4-7 Company' coming out soon, Päter shares insights into their inspirations, upcoming album, and future performances.

Your journey into music seems deeply personal. Can you share more about how songwriting became a means of escape for you after moving to Canada?

Päter: Yeah, when we moved to Canada, the tough thing was going from being surrounded by family to basically just being alone. I didn't know the language, my parents were busy trying to get us settled, and I really didn't understand the culture enough to make friends. I was kind of a weirdo with too much energy who didn't quite fit in. When I picked up guitar and found music it became a way for me to air all my frustration, but also to have fun by myself and create a bit of a fantasy world.  

Co-producing "4-7 Company" with Howard Redekopp must have been an exciting collaboration. How did his involvement contribute to shaping the overall sound and direction of the album? Additionally, as someone who has long admired his work, how did it feel to work alongside him in bringing your vision to life?

Päter: It was such a dream to make this album with Howard; we got along so well and had a really great time. He's excellent at finding sounds that feel really authentic to the song; it's made the album sound so full and rich. Sometimes, we'd just spend hours playing with a guitar pedal. I learned a lot working with him; he basically taught me Pro Tools, and we'd swap spots to work on the sessions. It was awesome to have such a fluid collaborative process with someone I admire so much, really a dream. 

Tell me specifically about your song "Catching Cold"? 

Päter: Catching Cold has such a special place in my heart. I wrote it about the feeling of displacement after moving to Canada, but I think it kind of speaks to the feeling of growing up no matter where you are. The memory of warmth from childhood being something you can't quite touch but long desperately for, and the present feeling rigid and cold in comparison. 

What emotions or experiences do you hope to evoke in your listeners?

Päter: Every time I play this song, I get emotional. The piano part at the end really conjures a bittersweet feeling in me. I hope that the ethos of it comes across in the recording and takes the listener to whatever that spot in their memory is. 

What's been inspiring you lately? 

Päter: I've actually been feeling kind of uninspired which is a bummer. It's just been so busy with the album release that I haven't been taking in as much as I want to. Once the album is out, I think I'm going to go on a bender of art consumption. Quite looking forward to that.  

"Nicotine Hallelujah" had an official selection at both the Austin Under the Stars Film Festival and the Toronto Short Film Festival. How does visual storytelling complement your music, and what was the creative process like for directing the music video?

Päter: I've always loved music videos and how they can add dimension to a song. That video was a mix of a bunch of references from my teens. I wrote the song after trying a cigarette for the first time at 16 and getting a super headrush. To get that disoriented feeling, we used a homemade body rig – a shout to one of my favorite movies, ' Requiem for a Dream' (a slightly different genre). I'd always wanted to do a walk-and-sing video since seeing Hawksley Workman's 'Jealous of Your Cigarette' (conveniently also nicotine-related), and the super saturated, high contrast look comes from those early 2000s videos, too. And then there's the little Arrested Development banana stand in there – the ultimately dinky job. 

We had a great time shooting it although it was hot as hell – my poor, sweet DOP Vita Cooper pulled through. And because I leave everything until the last minute, we had that video edited and released within a week of shooting. The reception from the fests has been super heartwarming. 

What's your go-to karaoke song? 

Päter: I really like to do "Self Esteem" by The Offspring because I only have that much vocal stamina if I've been drinking. 

Are there any plans for future live performances or tours, and if so, what can fans expect from your upcoming shows?

Päter: So far, all I can say is that the album release show will be on April 11th in Toronto… but we're finally making our way out of Canada this summer, and I'm very excited to share the deets.

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