How Kyan Palmer Went From Corporate To Creative

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Kyan Palmer’s start in music is kind of unconventional for an artist, but you wouldn’t know it from his singles. His latest, “Make It Up” is about the passion in a relationship, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. It’s a bop you’re definitely going to want to add to your summer playlist to keep the heat going.

So I read you got started at Republic Records as an employee. What made you decide to make the transition to an artist?

Yeah I started as a suit. I made the transition to becoming an artist while I was sitting at my desk at Republic. I sneakily put out a song (Burn Mona Lisa) under my name thinking that nobody would notice. But as time went on, it climbed the Spotify Viral charts and gained 3 Million streams so it got kind of hard to keep under the radar while working at a record label. Ultimately, I decided that it was time to focus all my energy on creating music and focusing on myself. So I left and took all of my industry knowledge with me!

Tell me about "Make It Up" and your inspiration for the single.

I am a very passionate person. If I want something or I love someone, I go all in, and sometimes it's not the healthiest choice. "Make It Up" was inspired by that toxic relationship that we all have had, but there's just so much passion and love from both parties that you can't let go. It's really a song for the people that fight and make up, fight and break up, and get back together.

You've already worked with many well-known acts. Who's someone you would die to work with/collab with in the future?

Nicki Minaj, baby! I can't help it. I love that woman. I would honestly just love to be in the room with her and just see what happens. I feel like we would create some real stuff together.

What's next this year?

I've got some stuff in the pipeline. There will be at least a single, a couple features and *fingers crossed* a full length EP this year. Hopefully more! I've been writing a lot, I have like 3 albums worth of material and I just gotta put it all out.

What's something you want your fans to know about you?

First off, I need them to make a name for themselves. Everyone else has like a cool fan army name and I need one stat! Somebody make it up. But yeah, I feel like I want them to know that I love them and I love it when anybody who supports me reaches out. I try my best to always respond and I want to be connected with everyone!

Best advice for someone contemplating making the jump to becoming an artist?

Just do it! What's the worry. I mean check with someone first to make sure that you have a little talent, but go for it. Being an artist is not just a hobby, it's a full-time job that most people have to work other jobs to support. Don't think that it's just gonna magically happen overnight. It takes time, and when an opportunity comes around be prepared for what’s next. I myself, missed a bunch of opportunities at the beginning of my career because I wasn't prepared for what's next.

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