Jake Miller Is Working On Being Happier

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TikTok and pop music are both my guilty pleasures during quarantine, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I caught up with Jake Miller during this time. The last time we met, he told me he was writing songs about being happier and I think “SAVED ME” emulates that exact feeling. We talked about his TikTok quarantine series and what else is on the horizon. 

Jake, so glad to catch up again! A lot has changed since I saw you perform in LA. What was the inspiration for "SAVED ME?"

Jake: Great to speak with you again! This song was inspired by someone I met who pulled me out of a dark time. I’m so happy now and only focused on the future ahead.

What are you doing to keep busy in quarantine? I know you're on TikTok, but anything else? 🙂

Jake: I’ve been home at my family’s house in South Florida doing anything I can to stay creative and busy. I’ve been writing a lot and practicing piano.

Favorite TikTok trend? And will you create a challenge with this new single?

Jake: My current favorite TikTok trend is my Quarantine series. They were so much fun to film with my family.

What do you think of music during self isolation?

Jake: I think now more than ever fans across the globe are benefiting from all of the new music. I think music is always such an amazing escape from the real world, but it’s definitely keeping everyone sane in this strange time.

What's next?

Jake: I will continue to write and put out music until I’m able to tour again. 

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