Jake Miller Is Always Finding The Silver Lining

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We love Jake Miller, and we are so excited to talk to him about Silver Lining II. The album is out today and we’re thrilled to learn about his favorite tracks, how he created the amazing video for “Click,” and all the process it took to create this newest project. Also, if you’re going to the Halloween show like us, …

Jake Miller Is Working On Being Happier

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TikTok and pop music are both my guilty pleasures during quarantine, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I caught up with Jake Miller during this time. The last time we met, he told me he was writing songs about being happier and I think “SAVED ME” emulates that exact feeling. We talked about his TikTok quarantine series and what else …

Jake Miller Will Wait For You

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Last time we talked to Jake was nearly two years ago, which may not sound like long – but, in terms of his personal and musical growth, a lot has changed. Jake, now 26, produces his own music in addition to writing, has signed with RED Music/Sony Music and released his first major song in five years – Wait For …

Inside The Mind Of Jake Miller

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If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for some new Jake Miller music for a hot second (OK, only a year, but it feels like forever!). But, now you’re in luck – Jake just released his brand new 10-song album, 2:00am in LA, and it made up for the time we’ve had to go missing his music.