Lady Shot Callers Needs To Be Happening Everywhere

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We love highlighting badass women in the entertainment industry. One of our favorites is Crowd Surf, they’re responsible for helping so many young artists break into the music industry. Crowd Surf was formed in 2007 by Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver and as the brains behind the operation, they’ve worked with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Max & Harvey, and some of our favorites Why Don’t We and Jena Rose.

The ladies of Crowd Surf teamed up with Veronica Reynolds the co-founder of Los Angeles Women in Blockchain to host the first women in tech & entertainment dinner called Lady Shot Callers at Neighbor on April 5th in Venice, CA.

Photo by Morgan Lieberman © 2018 All Rights Reserved

It’s so important for women to have a support group and people that understand the struggles in their industry. This event brought together women from Maverick, SB Projects, Epic Records, GIPHY, Patriot Management,, Epitaph and ANTI-Records, Vertical Mass and El Rey Network.

Cassie Petry was recently featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list, she was the only business woman in her class to receive the honor. She knew that changes had to be made in order for the 30 and 40 under lists and power 100 lists to reflect equal numbers of female executives. With this goal in mind she set out to create an avenue for change and to bring women together.

Photo by Morgan Lieberman © 2018 All Rights Reserved

“We have to recognize that there is a problem, bring awareness to it, and lift up our female executive peers to make a change,” says Petrey. “It can’t just be presumed that time and culture will do the work and that women are going to get equal opportunity to succeed in this business. This is why we're absolutely stoked to be launching the Lady Shot Callers event. We believe by women coming together and getting to know each other, we all have the potential to launch great projects or the next big thing.”

One important takeaway from this event, is that women are stronger together. This isn’t just about the entertainment industry, it’s about making your own path and sticking together. More women should be having these kind of meet-ups, it makes such an impact when you find women that can relate to each other and build each other up.

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