Women In Music: Maria Garcia

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As a director and costume designer whose creativity has been informed by her roots in live performance, Maria Garcia brings a level of theatrical sensationalism to her work. Recently, Maria Garcia used her skills and artistic vision to bring Gal Musette’s music video, Je vois le ciel, to life. Maria served as the costume designer and director for the music …

Women In Music: Jaime Billoti on mutuals Agency

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Jaime Bilotti is known for elevating the voices of fangirls everywhere with Fan To Band, and now with mutuals Agency she aims to further that initial mission and change the marketing game while she’s at it. We caught up with her to talk about her new venture and the challenges she’s faced.  Hi Jaime!! So glad to catch up!!! What …

An Interview with Hannah Ewens: Author of Fangirls

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Fangirls: Scenes from Modern Music Culture by Hannah Ewens really encapsulates everything we feel about fangirls in general. It’s about that pure love of an artist but also about the community and culture that surrounds the fandom. She covers everything from One Direction to My Chemical Romance, Elvis to Courtney Love. Fangirls have always had the ability to shift the …

Nancy Lu: Growing Up In The South And Representation In The Media

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Nancy Lu, founder and storyteller of Fancy PR is a trailblazer for women not only in music, but Asian Americans. As a fellow Chinese American growing up for the South, I knew she had her own set of experiences and from knowing her for years, we’ve gotten to watch her cultivate a diverse roster of talent – SOFI TUKKER, Overcoats, …

Women In Music: Not Your Average Fangirls

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K-pop is taking over the charts and for good reason, the instantly earwormy songs, the throngs of screaming fans, the gorgeous, meticulous videos that will send you down a rabbit hole. K-pop is absolutely addicting and the community surrounding the genre is incredible. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen K-pop grow to be a worldwide phenomenon and their …

2021 Is The Year Of The Fan: An Interview With Fan To Band

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The stigma that surrounds the term “Fangirl” has never been lost on us, but in 2021, it’s evident that fangirls are (still) controlling the music industry and they’re always ahead-of-the-curve on the next big thing. We talked to Jaime Bilotti about Fan To Band, which aims to not only hype up fans but get fans to work directly with the …

Women In Music: Hayley Jane

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Hayley Jane is a stellar bassist who has studied music almost her whole life. We were first introduced to her when she was touring for BORNS and she’s been making waves in the music scene. We talked to her about how she got started in the music industry and why we need more female musicians. How did you get started …

Is There Anything Jenna Andrews Can’t Do?

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Jenna Andrews is exactly who young women should look up to. She always had a passion for music and started writing songs at the age of 14. She dropped out of college and moved to Vancouver to pursue the dream, but it wasn’t fate that made her career; it was her unstoppable work ethic. She was discovered by Chris Smith, …

Lady Shot Callers Needs To Be Happening Everywhere

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We love highlighting badass women in the entertainment industry. One of our favorites is Crowd Surf, they’re responsible for helping so many young artists break into the music industry. Crowd Surf was formed in 2007 by Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver and as the brains behind the operation, they’ve worked with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Max & Harvey, and some of our favorites Why Don’t We and Jena Rose.