Matt LeGrand’s 12:00 am Is An Ode To Midnight Magic

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We love Matt LeGrand. He's got this incredible voice and his songs are just so catchy. His new song is an ode to the magical time of midnight. We talked to him about "12:00 AM" and what has been inspiring him lately.

Tell me about your new song “12:00 am”

Matt: Yes! I can’t believe this is finally out and I am thrilled that it is! I’ve been wanting to share this now for awhile but like everything, it takes planning! “12:00AM” was a collaboration between myself and a great production team in Atlanta! Elvis was such a pleasure to work with and hopefully we can do some more in the future. This song is simply about wanting to see the one you love! I’m happy that I get to narrate this great piece of music. For me, It’s more than just a specific time but an expression of joy and liberation.

Tell me about the music video,what was your favorite part?

Matt: The video was really lots of fun to shoot! It was such a pleasure to work with the director and her crew again! My favorite part was when we got to one of the filming locations early and I got to give an acoustic performance to the crowd before we got ready to film! The creative director was one of the coolest people to work with ! The crew was fantastic and we got a bike gang to be part of it all!!

What else has been inspiring you lately? 

Matt: I’ve been traveling a lot and although I do really miss home, the new environments have been bringing tons of inspiration! Traveling is one of the best perks that comes with what I do and I don’t take it for granted. I like to walk in every city or place I visit. I listen, I smell, I taste, and I people watch! Once you’re aware and open to your surroundings, inspiration is all over the place!

What has been the biggest challenge in your career? 

Matt: My biggest challenge has been to lighten up on myself, to not take myself so seriously. I am a Virgo so my need for perfection is 20 times stronger than others! Don’t get me wrong though, there are times when things need to be dealt with in a serious manner but at the end of the day I wake up everyday and get to do music! 

Listen to Matt's new song and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify to stay tuned.

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