morgxn Takes Us Back Home In Austin

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We’ve been obsessed with morgxn for a long time now, but when he announced that he’d be on tour with DREAMERS we lost it. The two alt-pop bands made for the perfect duo at Stubb’s in Austin.

Morgxn cascaded through his song “vital,” the title track to his album and the entire concept is about what is vital to you. A question he has his fans answer to themselves.

He goes through “carry the weight” a heavy song about his experience at the women’s march in New York. The lyrics read, “'Cause you can't read me my right to, Tell me who I belong to, You can't bury my strength, But if it's love it will find you, Give you more to hold on to, It will carry the weight.”

The song couldn’t be more relevant now. morgxn has been open about his experience growing up a gay man, his opinions on our current government, and he has this ability to give his fans a safe space. His shows are always a warm, encompassing environment.

My personal favorite, “me without you” really puts his angelic voice on full display. A sea of cell-phone lights allows for the perfect backdrop. The song is one of his more melancholic, it hurts you, it’s a slow but beautiful pain. Dull and lasting but cathartic at the end. He sings, “If there's a high without falling, Is there and end without warning, I don't know love, I don't know love, Is I don't know me without you.”

He heals us with “bruised” a song about how we’ve all been hurt but that’s the thing we have in common. We’ve all been bruised, but we’ll make it through. He finishes with the triumphant “home” a song that’s garnered him fans across the world. The audience chants the chorus back to him. That moment we’re all together.

Follow morgxn on Twitter and Instagram and see him live if you get the chance.

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