New Music Alert: Lauren Marsh’s “I Need You Now”

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We love Lauren Marsh. Her sweet voice and personal lyrics always hit home for us. We talked to her about her new song "I Need You Now" and what has been inspiring her lately.

First things first, tell me about your new song “I Need You Now”

Lauren: After surrendering to the idea that you might not find love and accepting that you can be happy being alone, you come across the one person who changes everything. Now having the chance at something more, there’s no going back and there’s no holding back. You need them now.

Is it ever hard releasing music that it so personal?

Lauren: It feels very vulnerable when you realize that you’re putting everything on the table, but I’d rather take the chance and say exactly what I’m thinking. I’m more afraid of holding things back and never getting to tell someone what they mean to me. The real tragedy to me is when, for whatever reason, we choose not to communicate or share; and then miss opportunities to let people know that we love them.

What is the most memorable reaction someone had to your songs?

Lauren:  When I first started playing gigs I was performing on a really slow night at a bar in rural New Jersey. All together there might have been 8 people total in the bar, six of whom I didn’t know. I’ve always been committed to putting on the best performance possible no matter how many people might be listening. When I was done, an older gentleman walked up to me and said he really liked my song “For A Moment”. He continued to tell me how his wife had passed away a few months back and my song “For A Moment” meant a lot to hear after losing her. To be able to give someone something through my music, something they really needed, was a complete honor and I hope to always be able to do that with my music and performances.

What do you do when you’re not working on music?

Lauren: Probably playing with my calico cat, Sasha! I really am always working on my music, whether I’m writing songs, booking shows, editing my website, it’s my life. On the off chance that I take a break, I love to go running or hiking. I’m addicted to way too many TV shows, so of course I try to fit those into the schedule. Although it is music related, seeing other artists and bands live in concert is such a thrill and since it’s summer time there are always great outdoor concerts in the area. Either way, I usually go right back to working on my music.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Lauren: Relationships, both past and present. “I Need You Now”, and REVIVAL as a whole, are all about things I have experienced. Both the good and the bad. Everything about this EP is intimate. I love looking back on past experiences. Especially after a few years go by, it’s like gazing through a new lense. Time always has a way of providing a fresh perspective.

What keeps you motivated?

Lauren: I couldn’t be where I am today without everyone who has supported my music. It’s really neat to receive messages on a daily basis from someone new discovering my music or wanting to tell me how they’ve been connecting with my songs. I’m so honored by all of this. I also know that writing songs isn’t something that I can just put down or stop doing. I can be sitting on the couch, out for a run, or trying to fall asleep and in my head I’m writing another song.

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