New Music Alert: Sedona’s “Soft Machine”

emilytreadgold #6, Premiere

It’s been almost a year since I first interviewed Rachel Stewart of Sedona in her Bushwick apartment and we clicked immediately. Stewart is the lead singer and creative force behind the Brooklyn-based band. She found bandmates Merilyn Chang, Claire Gilb, Margaux Bouchegnies, and Tia Cestaro after moving from LA to New York. Sedona finds its strength in collaboration.  Their most …

New Music Alert: FULLER’s “Favorite Poison”

emilytreadgold #1, Premiere

Fuller’s vibe is so cool and his music emulates this. His single, “Favorite Poison” is based on his past dating experiences and we can all relate. We talked to him about toxic relationships, Tik Tok, and what’s coming up next. Tell me the inspiration behind “Favorite Poison?” FULLER: “Favorite Poison” is based on a mishmash of bad choices I’ve made …

New Music Alert: Essy’s “Now and Then”

emilytreadgold #1, Premiere

Essy is not new to the music industry, she’s a veteran top-line writer that has an encyclopedic knowledge of music from the past and present. Now, she’s coming into her own with her song “Now and Then” a vibrant and personal song about betrayal and heartbreak, but at the core of the song it’s about coming out of the tunnel …

New Music Alert: Sydney Cope’s “Watch Out For Me”

emilytreadgold #1, Premiere

Rising pop artist Sydney Cope just dropped her video for “Watch Out For Me” and while her voice is sweet and angelic the message is clear, don’t mess with her. We talked about the new video and the best way to get revenge. Sydney! Tell me how you got started in music? Sydney: My singing and music lessons began at a …

90’s Kids Throwing It Back With “Slow Motion”

emilytreadgold #4, Premiere

90’s Kids just dropped a new song titled “Slow Motion” and it’s giving us all the nostalgia feels. We chatted with the band about the inspo behind the song and the biggest challenge they’ve faced so far. How did y’all get started as a band?  90’s Kids: Matt, Robby and myself (Corey) all went to college together at Ohio University. I’d …

Video Premiere: Tina DeCara’s “Solo”

emilytreadgold #5, Premiere

We love Tina DeCara and we’re so excited to show you her gorgeous new video for “Solo” we talked to the up-and-coming artist about the process behind the visuals. I love the song “Solo” what’s the story behind it?  The story behind my song Solo is about loving yourself when you’re at your lowest. I felt alone in most of …

New Music Alert: Devin’s “Bad Habit”

emilytreadgold #2, Premiere

We are digging the vibes from Devin. His new song “Bad Habit” is not only super catchy but also super relatable. We all develop certain habits from the people we surround ourselves with whether they’re good or bad. We talked to the upcoming artist about new music and what has been inspiring him lately.

New Music Alert: Kios

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Kios is an indie rock band based in Nashville, TN. The three piece is made up of Cole Suddarth (vocals/guitar), Aaron Krak (drums), and Mitch Wollenberg (bass). Cole and Aaron met through a previous band that formed at Belmont University – Aaron and Mitch grew up together in Newark, Ohio; all three moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue music.