New Music Alert: Miranda Glory’s Hypochondriac

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Miranda Glory just released her song Hypochondriac and I loved her voice and the dark electric vibes. We talked to her about the new song and being obsessed with Web MD.

How did you get started in music?

Miranda: I have two older sisters and both of them used to sing and do musical theater so I decided to do the same. We all used to be in shows and choirs together, so our house was very musical. Long car rides consisted of us singing three-part harmonies to as many songs as we could come up with. I wrote my first song in high school and really fell in love with writing and performing, so from there I started to do open mics as much as possible. I think I can say I found every open mic that allowed people under 21 to perform in New York City because I was so obsessed with playing live!

Tell me about your song Hypochondriac?

Miranda: I’ve always been a little paranoid when it comes to love. I tend to read into things and overthink every little detail. I really wanted to write a song about this because I feel like it’s a common experience. I also happen to be a hypochondriac, (I have spent hours of my life on WebMD haha) and I thought it would be really cool to compare that feeling to a relationship. I ended up writing this song with a few of my best friends and they all totally got what I was going through and it ended up being so much fun to get really clever with all the details in the lyrics. 

What else has been inspiring you lately?

Miranda: I am really inspired by words I think and I’m constantly looking for interesting ways to say things that everyone feels. I keep a running list on my phone of little phrases and titles that inspire me. It can be something so simples, for example, the other day I was in an uber and I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and I thought that the title “Seatbelt” would be interesting. From there I started to craft what that song might be about in my head. That’s just the way my brain now works I guess. I try to find the song in everything. 

What has been one of the biggest challenges in your career?

Miranda: The creative part of being an artist has always come naturally to me, but the business side hasn’t. I have struggled with how to balance my time and actually get to the point where people I don’t know are hearing my music. I think one difficult thing about the music industry is that there is no “right way” to do it. You could copy someone exactly but it never seems to work the same way for two people. It’s difficult to not get down and overwhelmed but deep down I know that this is what I am meant to do and the only thing I would actually feel happy doing in my life so it is all worth it. 

What’s your best piece of advice for young women?

Miranda: My advice would be to not compare yourself to other people. I’ve fallen into this trap many times and I always have to remind myself that everyone’s journey is different and we never even fully know what another person is going through. From social media it could seem like someone has everything you want but in reality you don’t know what is actually happening in their life or what they had to go through to get to where they are.

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