New Music Alert: Olivia’s I Choose This Love

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Olivia’s new video for “I Choose This Love” is such a beautiful story set to the backdrop of a soaring, shimmering pop single. We’re so excited to premiere this sweet video and talk to Olivia about her music.

How did you get started in music?

Like a lot of young kids, I always loved putting on shows for my parents when I was little. I was always singing in the car and around the house, and one day when I was 11, my parents told me I had a nice singing voice. I was so intent on taking singing lessons, that I went and found a teacher through a friend at school. After my first lesson and I was hooked. I started with having a couple lessons a week, to performing at a local talent show called, then was lucky to be offered some small local gigs. I also realized that I wanted to learn write my own material and produce my own music, so by age 12 I had written my first two singles, and by 13 I released my first album. I really enjoyed the whole process of writing and then collaborating with musicians in the studio. At one of my local gigs, the lady who hired me actually sent a video of my performance to Sony / ATV writer and fellow Canadian chart topper, Andrew Allen. I guess he liked what he heard, because after that I started writing with him in LA, to him and his wife Julia becoming my managers and mentors. Things just really grew from there.

How did you find your sound?

I think I am still working on that. For sure my new stuff is very different from what I was writing and performing five years ago. When I started, I really did not know what I was doing. I knew I loved singers like Norah jones and Colbie Callait, so they were probably my first inspiration. My first album is more a reflection for me of playing around and seeing what the process was like. All the years later, I have figured out that I love to collaborate on my songs as each person brings something to the session, and it is way more fun to write with other artists. My favorite fellow song writer is Robin Ghosh, we now write most of my material together, and as I am getting older, I definitely feel more of a pop vibe coming out than the earlier singer / songwriter stuff. We write with an acoustic track in mind, then we produce it with pop infusions. I think that is currently where I am at.

Your music has such a positive message, why is that important?

There is so much negative out there, and I think things can be hard enough, and so music should be place that makes people feel good. When I write, I think about the ups and downs of the theme, but always try to focus on the hopeful and optimistic outcome. It is nice to think that most of the time things will work out, or that everything is actually going to be okay.

Who are some of your musical role models?

I absolutely love Ed Sheeran. I love his music and especially his lyrics. His songs are stories that draw you in, and somehow it feels like we can all relate to what he is saying. I still love Norah Jones, and right now I seem to be in a Elton John phase. His music is timeless.

I love this video it’s so emotional, can you tell me about the concept behind it?

This song is about the universal message about love, and so when my videographer, Lee Watkins of LMW Photos, and I were brain storming the storyline of the video, we wanted to show a love story that has its ups and downs but the enduring message is the choice to love above all else. Love is emotional, whether that be the love for your partner, your parent, your child, and that need and want for all of us to be loved and love in return is what seems to make everything worth it. We were so privileged to have our two friends play the main characters and everyone in the video is someone I know and everyone just really stepped up and jumped in to be part of the video or to support the filming of the video. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am for everyone’s involvement in it and how nice it was to see so many people want to be a part of making this video. When you want to put more love out there, people seem to really embrace that. It was a pretty special opportunity for me.

What is your best piece of advice for young girls who would want to pursue a singing career?

Well, I would for sure tell them to work really hard at it if it is truly something they want to do. Like anything, it is often not easy and there are many hurdles, but hard work does seem to pay off. I can’t imagine doing anything else. And surround yourself with an amazing support team. I am beyond lucky to have the people I have helping me move forward!

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