New Music Sunday: November 15th 2020

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We're beyond obsessed with this EP, Ginesse is definitely an artist you need to pay attention to, we've been looping "White Denim" all weekend.

She says, “LA can be a lonely place. The EP is about the people who have stuck around though it all and helped changed my point of view of my life experiences. These people saved my life and made my music possible. For that, I am forever grateful. Truth is though, this is just one chapter of my life; this is the start and I can’t wait to see what happens.”

Kat Saul has such a unique style and her new EP "Made in the 90's" is exactly what we love about her.

She says, “‘made in the 90s’ is me reflecting on who I am and what I’ve been through as I transition into adult life so that I can process how the past has made me who I am...because that’s what art is right?,” Kat writes. “It was written over several years, in several different stages of life, and in several different cities. I live to perform and I write to get through the chaos of being human. I was made in the 90s, and this is what that sounds like to me.”

Peyton Stilling's gorgeous voice and haunting melodies instantly hooked us. Her new song "Healing" is transformative.

She says, “Healing was written during quarantine. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and had to move back in with my parents, and I had no money or job. I had all of this time on my hands, but felt no motivation to write anything.” The track is a form of self-therapy, helping the musician to come to terms with a difficult situation and simultaneously reminding others in similar circumstances that everything will be ok. Stilling shares, “If there is anything I learned in 2020, it is that healing takes a long time. I wanted to write a song that made other people going through what I went through not feel as alone.” 

jocelvn's debut project "Carry On" holds a certain amount of weight right now, her style is soft and melodic with R&B undertones that shine through. Her angelic voice really carries her poetic lyrics. Each song on the EP is so soothing but that's not to say it's boring by any means. jocelvn finds the bite in each track with pulsing beats and mellifluous melodies. It's warm and inviting genre-blending and it's right on the pulse, all you could want in a new artist.
Jade Bird is back and we could not be any happier! Her new song "Headstart" is the perfect light song and is right on track with that honest writing that we love from her. She says, “‘Headstart’ came out of a trip I made to upstate New York at the beginning of the year. Being there, I was immediately taken back to the magic and inspiration of creating the first album. It’s quite a light-hearted song, about liking someone who just can’t see the signs, but more than that releasing it feels like a way to give a bit of joy to the end of the year. It feels like community to me, and it makes me want to sing again.”