New Music Sunday: November 15th 2020

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We’re beyond obsessed with this EP, Ginesse is definitely an artist you need to pay attention to, we’ve been looping “White Denim” all weekend. She says, “LA can be a lonely place. The EP is about the people who have stuck around though it all and helped changed my point of view of my life experiences. These people saved my …

Kat Saul’s Middle Name

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Kat Saul’s voice is moody and sultry all in one. Her latest, “Middle Name” is about reaching a new level with a significant other in an emotional sense. It’s catchy and just in time for your Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Seriously, it was so refreshing to speak with Kat and talk about this single.

Kat Saul’s “Unit 408” Is All Too Relatable

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It’s easy to distract yourself from heartbreak when you’re out and about. You can spend time with friends, kiss that new boy, go to that bar you’ve always wanted to try but he thought was too girly, but it’s not as easy when you get home and have to sleep alone. Kat Saul sums this up perfectly with her new single “Unit 408.”