New Nine Tracks May 16th 2020

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St. Vincent is truly an icon, this new album is peak sleazy, it's different, it has those quirks that she does so well. It's also incredibly personal, and vulnerable underneath those stellar musical changes and intricate production. She just keeps delivering.

I could talk about Charlotte OC's voice for ages, it's so perfectly smoky, and her honest lyrics always hit hard. Her new song "Inevitable" will absolutely bring you to tears so listen with caution.

She shared, "This song is one of the most raw and open things I’ve ever written...I wrote this song when I found out my Dad was ill. My heart, my self, my sorrow and my life are all here for you in this song. I hope it moves you as much as all your love is moving me."

Gatlin is definitely someone you need to be watching. The ABBA-laced production with her ethereal voice is the perfect combo.

She says, "'Whenever He Asks’ took over a year to put together. I had originally written parts of the song one night on my guitar in December of 2019 and then played it for my producer/co-writer Nick Lobel a few months later. We were building a track and I thought that the pre-chorus would fit perfectly. It was my first experience with being involved in building a track and writing the song at the same time. It’s about a very low point in my life when I did not have a lot of self-worth, and let myself be treated very poorly by someone I thought I loved. Nick and I were listening to a lot of ABBA at the time so I think that influenced the melodies and production heavily."

Kara Connolly's sweet voice and effortless melodies are always so refreshing. Her new song "Something More," is giving us so much life.

She shared, "This song means a lot to me and takes on new meaning each time I hear it. I don’t like to make grand statements, but it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve done so far. I listen to it when I go on long walks through my magical canyon neighborhood and it makes me feel happy & free."

SHY Martin's new song "Feelings" is so incredibly relatable, it's what we all need to hear. It's for everyone who has felt like they're too much, or too emotional. 

"I was going through some major changes when we wrote ‘Feelings’ and felt extremely lost and exhausted. I wasn’t sure I wanted to release more music, so I stopped writing for myself for a while, but after writing this song I found myself listening to the demo every time I was working out or on my way to the studio. The lyrics were pretty much about what I was going through and had been feeling for a long time. It’s about the moment you realize you’re a few words from breaking something that means a lot to you because you’re caught up in feelings."

OSTON and JORDY are such a dream team, their vocals compliment each other so well.

OSTON says, "I think what makes this song so special is the different life experiences present in each of our verses. JORDY and I each talk about how growing up you lose the true sense of "home" in our own ways. It’s a feeling we can all relate to as we become more independent and move from our comfort zones. The lyrics detail our very specific and intimate life experiences, juxtaposed with a hook that brings a feeling of unity and togetherness."

It's time to get acquainted with Jordan Occasionally's specific brand of music, it's dreamy, it's nostalgic, it's perfectly laced with their effortless vocals and ability to make lyrics hit so hard you loop them in your mind. I first saw their "Kiss Me More" version on Tik Tok and it's hard for me to not add it in every time I hear the song, but their album Indigo is the makings of a big deal. It's a little disco, a little modern, but the perfect combination to fit any vibe.