St. Vincent’s Feat The Future Tour

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If you’ve ever considered going to a St. Vincent concert, do it, buy the tickets now and go. You’ll be greeted with one of the most cinematic shows you’ll ever see. Formally known as Annie Clark, St. Vincent is a musical genius with stunning artistic concepts. From her killer costumes, to her futuristic and feminine aesthetic, you’ll be sucked into every aspect of the show, you may even develop a new affinity for latex and stilettos.

How To Dress Like St. Vincent

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There’s not a lot of things I love more than St. Vincent aka Annie Clark. With every artistic phase she goes through I manage to love her more. I’ve worshipped her past albums. I’ve dressed as her during her self-titled album phase for Halloween. I envied her big grey curls and an icy look as she told everyone to bring her their minds. She’s an absolute genius, a talented guitarist, and an artist. Her first single off her flawless Masseduction album, New York, has me weeping, then Los Ageless was an instant turn around. Overall the aesthetic was striking, colorful and bright with St Vincent controlling our minds like always.

Free Press Summer Fest 2015

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Free Press Summer Fest is a Houston festival held in the summer. It is a very difficult festival. Houston summers are notoriously dangerous, it is hot, it is humid, the mosquitoes are the size of golf balls. However as a Houston-born girl I think the festival is great and I’ll go throw any sort of torture for the goddess that is St. Vincent. Full disclosure: these videos are live performances from other times, but you’ll understand the experience.