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Pittsburgh duo Social House comprised of Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson have written and produced songs for prominent artists ranging from Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lopez, but they’ve recently created a name for themselves, too. Their single, “Magic In The Hamptons Ft. Lil Yachty” placed this group on the map. I got to chat with Scootie and Mikey and they gave me all the news on their single and what’s to come.  You’re really going to want to add them to your radar because next spring, they’ll be opening for the queen herself - Ariana Grande!

How did you guys get started in music?

Scootie:  I got my real first start in music in college. I was in school in Atlanta and one of the first friends I made was a DJ and he just so happened to have a small recording set up in his room. He asked me to sing a song with him and I said yea, but after we did the song I was obsessed. I went and blew all of my refund check and book money on a recording set up for my room haha.

Mikey: I was gifted a computer by someone who went to my church, then someone else at that church had a music program, and they gave it to me. I started producing and then I literally never took my head up from the screen since.

Tell me about creating the video for Magic In The Hamptons.

S: The video for Magic was SUPER fun! Cole Bennet is a GOAT haha and his vision came together in an amazing way. Our makeup was CRAZY and a lot of the older people on set thought we were actually old haha. Super fun experience.

M: It was tight. It felt like everyone on set was one big team or family.  The vibes were excellent the weather was perfect. It was fly.

What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in the industry?

S: Honestly, the biggest challenge for me was to be patient and wait for our opportunities to present themselves. It gets kind of discouraging in between them haha but that’s what the artist grind is about.

M: The biggest challenge for me was balancing producing for others and creating for myself.  It’s almost two different mindsets entirely.

What are you most excited about for this project.

S: I’m just really excited to finally share all this stuff we have been working on for so long. This is like our first statement and it’s long overdue. I think it will really connect with people and spread positivity.

M: To put good vibes out into the world.

What's next for you guys?

S: More music, more creativity, and more having fun with our friends doing what we love. Got some really cool things happening. Talks of a tour soon, so stay tuned.

M: Can’t wait to show more music

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