Super American Release Tequila Sunrise

emilytreadgold #3, Features

One of my favorite tracks this summer, hands down, was “Hands Down Olivia”, the lead single for indie-rock duo Super American. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the duo are slated to release their new album Tequila Sunrise via Take This To Heart Records. We got a chance to listen to the album and wanted to share some thoughts and insight into why you should add this to any playlist or road trip.

At 13 tracks, Tequila Sunrise makes sure to showcase Super American to the fullest. Many times listening to this record I thought I was listening to singles from classic 90’s and early 2000’s rom-coms. However, the tracks are fresh, and have a place in 2018. The trading vocals of Pat Feely and Matt Cox portray their own characteristics throughout the entire album. Songs like “Casino Blonde” and “Commitment Issues” are standout tracks thanks to the duo’s harmonies and ability to story tell. Singles “Coconut Shrimp” and “Chris From Walmart” help give a small taste into what the album holds, the way good singles should.

A truly refreshing sound and cohesive project, Tequila Sunrise is a look into nostalgia but a transparent reminder about what’s in the present as well. This is one for those nights at bonfires, with best friends, or for time with loved ones. Make sure to add this album into your rotation, as Super American are set to take this album on the road soon.