The Regrettes Are Your New Obsession

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Coachella has a lot of incredible acts this year but we came back from the massive festival absolutely obsessed with The Regrettes. They brought this youthful energy to the festival that not a lot of acts could muster, I don’t even mean just their ages but their outspokenness and their energy. With their projects, ‘Feel Your Feelings, Fool!’ and ‘Attention Seeker’ The band is already causing waves in the music world but we just want to emphasize how this band of young women (and their equally badass male drummer Maxx) became the coolest band at Coachella.

The band is made up of dynamite frontwoman Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano on guitar, Sage Chavis on bass, and drummer Maxx Morando. The band all met through a music school. Age says, “We left and we lost touch but Genessa, Max and I were all in touch. Lydia was in another band in a two-piece and we reconnected. We saw them and became friends again and (Lydia) called us and we started writing and playing shows.”

The band started their show off in full force. They have this feminist angst but it lies underneath sunshiney melodies. Lydia’s voice is almost deadpan in the verses but her lyrics take center-stage. In one of their statement songs “Seashore” Lydia sings,”You're talkin' to me like I'm dumb. Well I've got news, I've got a lot to say. There's nothing you can do to take that away. You're talkin' to me like I'm hurt. Well at least I'm not six feet in the dirt. And I'll still kick your ass even in my skirt.”

Even if they’re on the younger spectrum of Coachella artists Sage points out that their age isn’t a factor. She says, “Prince was 17 when he put out his first album, so many artists start really young but it’s defining no matter how old we are, in our career.”

The crowd was out of control at their Coachella show, Genessa warned me, “Get ready to sweat” and she was right. They were playing in the Sonora tent which is air-conditioned, but the crowd wasn’t there to stand around. They know how to carry an audience. They performed a stellar cover of the classic “Ballroom Blitz” with so much pure energy. Despite the energetic crowds, Lydia adds, We’re very real people and we’re pretty vulnerable on stage.”

Vulnerable is a word Lydia uses often and it fits. While the band is tough and they have a punk rock mentality. The core of their music is honesty and vulnerability. She emphasizes what she wants listeners to take away is a greater love for themselves and more emotional awareness. She says, “When I hear music like that it makes me feel less alone my feelings. I want people to feel confident about that.” Maxx echoes the sentiment, “Everybody goes through the same things, no one’s alone.”

Their music is seriously addicting but their personality and energy is what had me so hooked. Their best advice is to be fearless. Lydia says, “Meet people how ever you can if you don’t then do a solo thing. Play anywhere you can in the beginning, getting that under your belt will help you so much. Don’t be afraid of asking for things and networking.”

Follow them on Spotify and Instagram to stay tuned for more music.

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