Your Guide To Float Fest

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Float Fest is coming up! The festival that combines everything Texans love, floating down rivers and music is finally upon us. This is such a unique festival just because you have the ability to float the river pre-festing.We love that camping is included in the price of the ticket.

This is a cool fest because the performances are actually staggered and there isn’t any lineup overlap. WHICH IS SUCH A BLESSING, because the biggest decisions of my life so far have been which stage to see. The float does take about 3-4 hours so plan for that.

As usual follow along with us on snapchat: thenewnine, instagram: thenewnine9 and Twitter: thenewnine because we’ll be detailing everything for you.

Have I told you how much sunscreen you’ll need. All of it. Seriously I burn to a crisp every time I float and adding a festival to that, that’s a sure-fire way for me to hate myself in the morning.

Coolers (cooler tubes will be available)
Swimsuits duh
Mosquito bands
Camping gear, you know what you need.
Wipes, wipes, wipes, you can’t always have the shower you dream of
Backup chargers
Poncho, this IS Texas

Getting There
If you’re not driving and camping there are shuttle options from both Austin and San Antonio and school buses heading out from San Marcos.


Alright, time to study up. Here’s your playlist with our favorite acts. Then read about our personal favorite, Walker Lukens.

Safety tips

Guys, don’t get too drunk please. We love having a beer on the river but just chill and have a nice time without overdoing it. There have been so many reports of people losing their friends to irresponsible drinking and it can get crowded so please be responsible.

Stay hydrated, it’s hot as hell out there. Keep drinking water and take a breather if you’re feeling overheated.

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