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Earlier this month CRAY premiered her newest single, “Peaches,” and it’s already an instant bop. Her voice is light and whimsical and puts you in the best mood. She’s already on my summer playlist and I can’t wait get more from her! I got to talk to her about the premiere of the single and here’s what she had to say.

As a former sorority girl, I always admire those pushing the typical stereotype. When did you get into production/music?

CRAY: I got into music when I was super young. I would work the club scene as guest list girl etc, always around electronic music. I didn’t realize I could make a job out of it until around college. I wanted to be a manager and wanted to understand how to make music but the more I learned the more I fell in love with it.

Can you tell me the inspiration behind this single?

CRAY: This song really is really empowering to me. It’s the first song I sang on and wrote so it has a lot of meaning. It’s about taking all the hate or negative shit you get from people and putting it back into becoming better and kicking ass. People are always gonna discredit you or make excuses to why your successful and I think that’s bullshit.

This is a step different than what you’re usually doing. What brought about the change?

CRAY: I’m just growing as a person. I started making music when I was like..20?? Every day I grow and change and want to try new things. I’ve always loved writing and wanted to put my words in my music, I started taking singing lessons and it all fell into place. I’m always gonna make what I want to make, I won’t ever stick to one genre.  

What can you tell us about the rest of the upcoming music?

CRAY: Some of it is dark, pop, trap, house. I have a ton of different shit, I love creating and using my words and voice has really given me a new love for making music.

What else do you have planned this year?

CRAY: MORE MUSIC. more festivals, more shows, more cool shit 🙂

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