How To Get Your Concert Tailgate In Formation

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial

Once upon a time I tailgated a Beyoncé concert.

I had never done it before and never ever EVER thought that a beloved sporting event pastime could do a crossover into the musical world. Maybe this has been happening and I have completely missed the memo on that but let me tell you, I have decided that tailgating at major stadium concerts should be a thing from here on out.

Don’t know where to start? Well, the good thing about tailgating a concert is that it is the exact same as tailgating a sporting event. The only difference is that you are guaranteed to hear good music. Here are a few tips and pointers might help you get started. Remember, what is most important is that you have fun with it!


As we all know, food is important. Food adds an extra conversation piece as well as a full tummy (less money on overpriced stadium nachos and more money on merch). You’re at this concert; you know all the words to the album (or you should) so it should be pretty easy to come up with some tailgate approved snacks.
Make and bake whatever you want but give it a fun name. Do whatever food inspires you! There are tons of possibilities.
For example, at a Beyoncé concert you could do some of the following:


What’s a tailgating party with out jams? What’s any kind of party without jams? Hint: it’s a funeral and you don’t want that kind of bad juju before the best time of your life.

Clearly, your best bet is to play every song imaginable from you specific concert artist. Curate a playlist a week before. Arrange that shit. Make sure your songs are in a good order. What’s fun about this is that you get to refresh your memory of your artist’s musical collection and belt out the words with your friends. The better part is that you can sing as off key as you want and nobody is there to judge you because they’re doing the same thing. They are just as excited to be there as you are so let loose and be free!


Games are always a great idea to play at your tailgate, especially once you start getting some extra people you don’t know there. This will be a great icebreaker and get everyone even more comfortable.

Once again, keep it themed. Create a trivia game with questions about your concert artist. Play musical chairs (although this requires bringing extra chairs). Do some kind of variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. How about “Pin the High-Waist Bikini Bottom on Taylor Swift”?


Make sure you check the rules on the venue’s website about what you can and cannot do.
Arrive early to stake out a few parking spots.
Create a Facebook event for people who you know are going to the concert to keep everyone updated.
Invite the people walking by to join you. You’re all in the same place for a reason and that’s the devotion to the musical idol. You already have a common interest so it won’t be too awkward.
Be friendly.
Clean your space.
Good vibes only.

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