How To Dress Like: Last Minute Halloween Version

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Look, I know there are people out there that plan their Halloween costumes super far in advance and they’re cool and collected on the day-of, but I am not one of those people. I literally ordered my (partial) costume today. (I’m being Moira from Schitt’s Creek not like anyone’s asked). So as far as  “Halloween Ideas” go, I get that …

Taylor’s Doing Better Than She Ever Was: Reputation Review

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It’s been 10 days since my reputation tour and it’s taken me this long to put into words the impact of seeing Taylor live after 3 years. I’ve been a Swiftie since I was 16, and now at 28, the only thing that’s changed is the admiration I have for Taylor. From her self-titled debut album to reputation, I grew up with each era she released. When all my friends changed from year to year, Taylor was the one constant I had. Her music was always there when I needed it.

Taylor Swift Can’t Still Be The Victim

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“Our Song” was a cute one. The Fearless and Red albums were my jams. I loved them and felt decently about Taylor Swift herself. Circle back to the MTV Video Music Awards for that moment in history where that one thing happened with that Kanye West guy and I felt bad for her. I still loved Kanye, but I felt a bad for her. Then the Kanye/TSwift drama continued. Are they cool? Are they not cool? Oh they’re cool again! Wait. Kanye has a line in his song and suddenly they aren’t cool. Kanye confirmed something about Taylor, Taylor denied it, Kim K gave video evidence proving that it was true. Now Taylor has made herself the victim.

Liz Huett’s “STFU and Hold Me” Is Your Modern Dating Anthem

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You say unpolished like it’s a bad thing. That’s exactly the vibe singer and songwriter Liz Huett gives us in her debut single, “STFU and Hold Me.” Liz Huett’s name and voice shouldn’t be all that surprising. It’s no secret she was once a backup singer for Taylor Swift. Yes, that Taylor Swift. After a few years on the road, …

Why Lorde Is So Important

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I’m constantly reminded of Lorde’s break onto the music scene. Her anthem “Royals” was catchy and beautiful in it’s simplicity, but more than that it emphasized something that is so rare in music. The song is about the lack of wealth and more importantly, the lack of even the desire for wealth. The only songs that sell are songs about love and partying, but here was Lorde parading the opposite. Even her appearance, her wild hair and dramatic facial features are the opposite of the hoards of blonde models that dominate the pop charts. Lorde was the weird girl at your high school that should never have been famous.