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KOPPS is a fantastic band, and they're fronted by the amazing Patricia Patron. She's the kind of fiery front woman that we aspire to be in our minds. She's also a licensed therapist which makes her even cooler. We talked to her about mental health, their new song "Hott" and working with Joywave. 

So, how did you get started in music?

KOPPS: I didn't really have a choice haha. JK I did BUT Both of my parents are musicians (not the crazy stage Mom kind) so I have been around music and live performance since I was born. I definitely had an in-born sort of interest and explored instruments and singing since I was very small. Also a huge music FAN for as long as I can remember and would listen rather obsessively. Most of us in the band had parents involved in music. Though Kyle just kind of picked it up on his own!  

I love your song “Hott”, tell me about the meaning behind it?

KOPPS: “Hott” is a sexy push and pull sort of theme. When writing I envisioned a very sexually experienced person showing a not so experienced person how to “do it right” 🙂 The abrasive horn post chorus represents the hilarity that would ensue during a scenario of that nature. 

I love Joywave. What was it like working with Daniel?

KOPPS: Daniel is obsessed with us so working with him is always a pleasure. We have similar tastes and humor and it has worked well for collabs of all kinds.

I love the concept of the video! What was your favorite part? 

KOPPS: Without a doubt, the fan submitted videos performing the “Hott Trott” was our favorite part. People expressing themselves shamelessly when they might otherwise be too shy means we are doing our job and it is very special and inspiring to us!! 

As a licensed therapist, why is important to talk about mental health in the music industry?

As a mental health advocate and a person who has worked in the field, as well as a musician, I think first and foremost talking about mental health openly as a person who has a platform helps to break down the stigma that still exists in 2018 around getting help. Even those who don’t have mental health diagnoses can benefit from having an unbiased support and someone to bounce ideas off of. As for musicians and mental health specifically, I believe there needs to be more discussion present around the topic of the unorthodox schedule and touring demands we face, and how mentally disorienting switching back and forth between “home” and “the road” can be. It is extremely taxing on many musicians who end up self medicating to deal with the weirdness of it all, and I don’t think people talk about it enough! Not only should more clinicians get familiar with this population and learn how to help, but more musicians should consider seeking help when everything just feels displaced. 

How does that affect your songwriting and your music?

KOPPS: Tremendously. My work has taught me so much about how humans cope with (or don’t cope with) a vast array of issues. Certain life stories I have heard can influence my writing, sometimes you can find yourself writing from the perspective of a person who has a particular problem, etc. I feel lucky, as my exposure to others in a very vulnerable way has allowed me to tap deeply into emotions other than my own and understand them in a way that some do not. Moreover, our message to our fans to let go of the opinions of others and be yourself unapologetically, in a way comes from witnessing many clients caged by societal expectations, living unhappy lives because of the things they think they “should” be doing, instead of what actually makes them happy. On a micro level, we want to encourage people to let go, dance, be free. On a macro level, we are encouraging people to stop doing the things that make them unhappy. Leave those things behind at all costs. Remember daily that you have one life to live, and live it. Laugh your ass off all the way to your grave.

 What’s your best piece of advice for young women?

KOPPS: It might take time and it might take heartbreaks of a few kinds, but please, please know that things will get better. If you open yourself up you will learn who you are. Focus on recognizing your self worth above all else. Do not accept sub par treatment from others. As a person who once struggled with low self esteem as a teen girl, I know that it is possible to change your thinking and build your life off of a foundation of confidence. As cliche as it sounds, it really does start with you. The way you view yourself trickles down to those around you. Everyone has something to offer themselves and the world, the challenge is being able to see what’s in front of you. It takes some time<3

Keep up with KOPPS on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify and watch the new video directed by Ghost + Cow right now.

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