YDE Is The Next Big Thing

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I feel like I have a knack for predicting the next big thing, and I know YDE is absolutely it. She’s absolutely fearless with her music. Her new song “Blindlife” is the perfect sum-up of the mess that was 2020. Her attitude bleeds through this song, the bass perfectly accenting the shimmering melodies. You can hear sirens in the background …

Courtney Paige Nelson Had To Save Herself

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Courtney Paige Nelson’s dark pop sound and haunting vocals are such a vibe, and her music has a purpose. “Saved Myself” is an empowering track about taking responsibility for your mental health and ultimately being your own hero. We talked to her about being “wired different,” her new music, and why you need to get to know yourself. How did …

Your Guide To Musical Mansplaining

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The other day I was at a show with my friend and this guy across from me took an interest in my opinions on music. By “took an interest” I mean he decided to tell me how everything I was saying was stupid and I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about, but since he was older and man he understood ~the industry~ way more than little me. Now, here at The New Nine, we believe that everyone’s opinions on music are valid, but we especially like to stand up for young women because so few music publications do.

The Band CAMINO’s Electric Chemistry

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It seems fitting that my first interview of 2017 takes place with a band from my city of Memphis, Tennessee. Within five minutes of speaking with Graham Rowell, Andrew Isbell, Spencer Stewart, and Jeffery Jordan, I knew this was going to be a unique interview. Even off-stage, these guys who form the group The Band CAMINO exhibit an exceptionally electric chemistry.

Wonderbitch Gets People Dancing and Gets People Laid

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“So i want you to imagine a beautiful nebulous starscape, close your eyes, you are far away in a galaxy and you are on a yacht but it’s not like a yacht in the ocean. It’s a space yacht. There’s all these space yacht things: space cocaine, space caterers and you’re sailing among the stars. That’s what we want to be,” that’s how Bruce describes the sound of Wonderbitch. Interstellar yacht rock.