Meet Your Latest Hip Hop Obsession, Minus Gravity

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I first heard “Options” on my Spotify Discover playlist and I knew the trio known as Minus Gravity had something unique and magnetic about them. I got to speak with the group about their upcoming EP and their dynamic personalities are just as exciting as their single. Check out “Options” today and start anticipating their upcoming EP because I know I am!

First things first, why the name Minus Gravity?

Sir Blaze: We created the name when we moved to LA and wanted to crate a different name for ourselves. We picked Minus Gravity because we wanted it to serve as a reminder that nothing can hold you down.

What’s everyone’s roles in the group?

Mic Apollo: I’m a singer and rapper in MG, but ultimately, I’m the Alien factor for the group.

Sir Blaze: I’m the energetic loud mouth. I’m there to hype up everyone and bring the energy.

Rob Will: I’m a singer, but I bring the soul. I’m generally quiet so I bring a smooth, soulful R&B melodic vibe to MG.

So your single, “Options.” What’s it about?

Rob Will: Well, in short, it’s about having options haha. It’s showing you that there are so may different alternatives to every situation.

Describe to me, the EP, in your own words?

Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze, and Rob Will (in unison)-: Diverse.

Mic: The EP is such a collection of songs that vary different genres. We showcase some hip hop, R&B, country. There’s really something for everyone and that fits every mood or thing our fans are going through.

So some exciting news. Tell me about working with Robin Thicke?

Mic Apollo: It’s Amazing. He loves to have fun and so do we. Everything you hear is extremely real and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Sir Blaze: We just got back from his studio in Malibu! It’s going to be great. Working with Robin is working with family. He’s so great and we’re very excited about what’s coming.

What’s next for you guys?

Mic Apollo: We’ve got the EP coming up, but also fashion week in London, Paris and Milan. Lots happening, but we’re excited about it!

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