New Music Sunday: September 20th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Nova Miller is back with another insanely catchy pop track.

"Girls Like Us" puts her crazy vocal range on full display all with a danceable beat that feels like such a ray of sunshine right now. It's the perfect feel-good no fucks given anthem that makes you want to dance with your friends.

Lulu Simon's latest, "Strangers" is about a relationship where she slowly lost her identity.

She explains, “I wanted this guy to like me so I drove myself absolutely insane trying to fit into an environment that just ended up being so inhospitable to me and my sensitive ass. Eventually I had to admit to myself that I was becoming insecure and miserable when I’m not meant to be either of those things. I had to do major damage control and remove myself from the situation. I decided ‘I don’t want to be friends with you, I’ve never been just friends with you, I don’t know how to be and I don’t want to learn.’”

Tems is an absolutely breathtaking Nigerian alternative R&B/Soul triple threat vocalist, songwriter, and record producer and her new song "Damages" is the perfect taste of her upcoming EP.  She has such an original sound and her voice is intoxicating.

Sam DeRosa is one of our fav up-and-comers. Her new song "321" is about that terrible moment when you bump into an ex.

She says, “It’s a moment that we all experience in a break up: the late night, sometimes tipsy, moment of regret…when you tend to go crazy in your thoughts and think that you’ve made a mistake and after all this time, you want this person back. But do you really? It’s a vulnerable and honest story that 90% of us have experienced. Hopefully my fans will hear this and feel like I’m right there with them - whether we are stumbling home, dancing around the house, or crying it out on the bedroom floor. I’ve been there, so I’ll sing them through it.”