Artists To Watch In 2021

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Maude Latour We are by no means new Maude fans. Our obsession with Maude just keeps coming up every time she releases a new song. If you want to feel like you’re in a coming-of-age indie movie with heartbreak and love, you need to listen to Maude. We think this is the year she will blow up, and we just …

New Music Sunday: September 20th 2020

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Nova Miller is back with another insanely catchy pop track. “Girls Like Us” puts her crazy vocal range on full display all with a danceable beat that feels like such a ray of sunshine right now. It’s the perfect feel-good no fucks given anthem that makes you want to dance with your friends. Lulu Simon’s latest, “Strangers” is about a …

Nova Miller Is In A State Of Yellow

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Nova Miller is a Swedish teen indie-pop singer/songwriter who’s bound to create some color in your life. Her debut EP, “Yellow” is already taking over the charts and Miller’s here to prove she’s going to stick around for quite a while. Aside from opening for acts Jacob Sartorius and Jack and Jack, she’s also performed in the studios for Ryan Seacrest. If that isn’t impressive enough, she’s got a five-octave vocal range and plays piano, guitar and many other instruments. I can’t wait for you to get to know this talented young woman.