New Music Sunday: September 27th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

CXLOE's dark pop sound is always one of my favorites, it has that perfect taste of danger that I love in my music.

CXLOE says,“‘Heavy’ is all about the feeling I feel most days. The song talks about a relationship that was once light and full of love but now carries too much weight to handle. I feel this extreme switch with a lot of things in my life and most of the time it's self-sabotage. Another beautiful trait of mine.”

“I wrote ‘The Drive’ to reflect on a time where I’ve said things I didn’t mean to my partner or lashed out in a way that made them feel insecure in the relationship," she writes on the inspiration behind the song. "It's the cooldown period after a fight, where you take some space to really let your own words resonate and see where you were wrong in a situation, and realize what you’re putting at stake by not changing those behaviors. I really wanted to write a love song that felt vulnerable and showed my true intentions, that I can hold myself accountable and change for someone who I wouldn’t want to live without.”

Alex Stern's sweet vocals and poetic lyrics are always a good idea. Her new song "John Wayne" is definitely a must-listen.

She says, "This song’s about a trap we all sometimes fall into...believing we have to be something we’re not, in order to be loved, seen or heard. I hope you hear it and remember that you’ve always been enough. Who you truly are, is more valuable than any part you play. You make me feel brave to be me."

Blu DeTiger has had a YEAR, she is owning 2020 and her new song "Cotton Candy Lemonade" totally fits her cool-girl vibe.

Blu's playful lyrics and distinctive voice make the song. It's dreamy and seductive with an edge. This song just makes you feel like that bitch.

Sizzy Rocket always delivers and you can taste all the energy and the passion that went into this album.

She says, "I wrote this album as a rebellion against everything I knew to be true. against a system that rejected me. against an industry that choked me back and told me I wasn't skinny enough straight enough blonde enough popular enough whatever enough to be the face of my music and would never be successful. but I believe in a reality where anything is possible, where everybody is free to be their own authentic and beautiful selves. fuck the algorithm. fuck the formula. I believe in a sexy, radiant, magical future, a world full of diverse and equally beautiful human experiences where everybody has something to give. this future is currently at stake, but I know what my art stands for and we can never back down."

Tems is definitely someone to have on your radar, her rich voice and ability to craft earwormy melodies around authentic lyrics make this EP a standout.

She really has a spectrum of emotions, she goes from the chill "Ice T" to more vulnerable songs like "Higher." It all flows so well together and shows off her range.