New Music Sunday: Sunday August 21st 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

CXLOE always adds the right dose of darkness to her music and her new song "Soft Rock" is exactly what we want from her. It feels like all your teen angst is perfectly packaged up.

She shared, "This song is dedicated to my 15yr old self. Heartbroken, crying over an a$$hole, listening to Blink-182 thinking I was hard"

Hyra and Calica teamed up for the perfect end-of-summer anthem appropriately titled "Dancing To Murder" because these two absolutely killed it, sorry couldn't help myself.

This is truly pop at its finest, just an unabashedly over-the-top party of a song.

TALIA's cover of the absolute classic "Young Folks" is bringing us alllll the nostalgia for a different time.

She shared, "Thought it would be nice to put out this classic tune before diving into new sounds 💚this song is a sweet reminder of my childhood. an ode to youth, feeling carefree, blasting music on drives thru the suburbs, and open to every possibility of the world."

Exmiranda is is on a roll and you need to know her name because we just know she's going to blow up. Her new song "give that girl some room" is so powerful, the energy she brings to each track just radiates throughout the song. You can feel her drive and it's electric.
Steph Sandor's voice is so breathtaking, it immediately hooks you. Her song "Empathy" really puts a spotlight on those vocals but the soft, lilting melodies really stick with you. It just builds so beautifully.