The New Schematics Relase New Video for “Prove Me Wrong”

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We're so obsessed with New Schematics and their latest song "Prove Me Wrong" is the kind of indie-pop we can get behind. Now, the song has a video that just shows off the colorful vibes that we wanted.

Tell me about the inspiration for your new video “Prove Me Wrong”

NS: We wanted to make colors pop and to keep everything clean and stark in a way that somehow brings energy through simple cuts. Our video for ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ has the same idea with a single camera and a single angle, but with a single take. I thought it would be cool to take that to another level, using one camera and one angle, but a ton of cuts. 

It really fits your new aesthetic, do you want all your videos to be this cohesive?

NS: We’re about to shoot another video next week for single #3. Similar aesthetic but a just completely new level. It’s going to be insane shooting it. Our craziest idea yet. Everything this year will flow together.

Do you think music videos have become as important as the song itself?

In a way the music video is as important as the song, but the baseline requirement is that the song has to be good. A great video should make you love the song more. We’re hoping this draws in more people and highlights the song. It’s a simple tune, produced simply, and it deserves a clean and simple video to highlight that fact.

And you went through a sort of band rebranding recently, what does that entail?

NS: We did go through a rebrand. It’s honestly really fun. The visual creative direction is just that: creative. It’s exciting to see it all come to life. I sat down almost a year ago now and wrote out words like “vibrant, youthful, energetic” and began studying color wheels and fashion— trying to figure out how to visually communicate our sound. It’s entailed being intentional about every image/video, pushing ourselves to keep a standard. It’s about telling a story throughout the year, not just with one song or video or image.

What’s next for you guys?

NS: Our best singles for the year haven’t come out yet. We cannot wait for these next two especially. More shows, more videos, more colors.

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