PHANGS Brings Us Into Happy Season

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“Maybe things are Good Now”

Nashville Pop Artist, Phangs, is back with his new album Happy Season. Following his 2017 release of Get in My Arms, we find Jake Germany at a different point in life, in a happy season. Recently engaged and soon to be married, Phangs has a new chapter to tell in his story.

It’s be an experience watching Phangs grow from one single to a full-blown project, with a dedicated fan base and following. Last week, for instance, he announced an acoustic set a day prior to the event.

Multiple fans in the crowd came from Indiana and Illinois. That’s what Phangs has done really well to this point. Jake engages with his fans, noting that he still keeps his notifications on and responds to fans at a personal level.

His utilization of social media but keeping things transparent shows in his new EP. He wants everyone to experience this season of life with him.

The title track “Happy Season” starts with the lyrics: “There’s no problems, kids are screaming, you’re not alone when its’ Happy Season”.

Setting a tone for the 6-track album, “Happy Season” shows the change of direction and growth for Phangs. The production has been amped up, it’s a warmer feeling, and Jake’s voice is displayed in a way to showcase his unique sound.

“Eyes Off You” was the first look into the new project later last year. With a following support video, Phangs gave life to what is to come in 2018. My personal favorite and latest single, “Good Now”, is an honest look at his love life and his thankfulness towards his soon to be wife.

The track references the feeling of realizing that life is good, that things are moving in a positive way. “One Of Those Days” reminds us that it’s ok to have an off-day. It’s a simple reminder to be who you are and feel what you feel. “I Forgot You” is going to be such a relatable track to listeners.

“I Forgot You” shows Jake realizing that he had completely forgotten someone, but in a good way. During a recent interview with Chris Cline for KKS, Jake explains: “I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a picture of a past relationship. As a person that really feels things, when a crappy situation happens, I ultra-feel it. Like I can’t get past it. When I saw that picture I forgot that I had forgot about it. All I’ve wanted was to forget about this and find the point where everything sucks and I forget about it. I forgot that I forgot about it.”

The final track on the album is a collaborative effort with the brother/sister pop duo Truitt. “Dry Eyes” is an ode to being better and not feeling anything about a previous lover. Released through Orange, the new label from Truitt, it’s a fitting track to end out the album. “Dry Eyes” allows the listener to celebrate getting over someone, and for them to realize that their Happy Season will come too.

You can catch Phangs on tour this spring and enjoy the album tomorrow on all streaming platforms. Follow them on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram.

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