Phangs: I’m Gonna Die With My Tattoos

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Jake’s latest “I’m Gonna Die With My Tattoos” is an ultimate bop. Phangs’ tracks as of this year have only gotten better and we’re so excited to feature this. We talked to him about the process of creating the track and if he ever got the tattoo with his fans.  What was the process behind creating this track? Phangs: Honestly, …

New Music Alert: Phangs and Phoebe Ryan

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Jake is one of the best humans I have ever met and interviewed. Every song he releases is bop after bop and this collaboration with Phoebe Ryan is no exception. “Product of the 90s” instills nostalgia through bubble gum pop and its pure perfection. Phoebe’s vibe pairs so effortlessly and this is for sure one for your playlist.  Jake says, …

PHANGS Debut Album Is A Must Listen

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I’ve known Jake for years and seeing and hearing him transform has been so incredible. From the first time I heard “Cul de Sac” play, I’ve been anticipating a full-length project from him. This album is everything you expect from his moniker, PHANGS. It tells a story from front to back, and it’s exactly how you should listen to it. …

PHANGS Brings Us Into Happy Season

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Nashville Pop Artist, Phangs, is back with his new album Happy Season. Following his 2017 release of Get in My Arms, we find Jake Germany at a different point in life, in a happy season. Recently engaged and soon to be married, Phangs has a new chapter to tell in his story. It’s be an experience watching Phangs grow from one single to a full-blown project, with a dedicated fan base and following.