andrews’ is “Lost In The Fire”

emilytreadgold #1, Premiere

andrews’ just stopped his song “Lost In The Fire” the song is a celestial dreamscape that displays his gorgeous voice and innate ability to create ethereal melodies. We talked to him about the new song, that apostrophe in his name, and what’s been inspiring him lately.

New Music Alert: Andrews’ “Through The Night”

emilytreadgold #17, Premiere

The love and support of those closest to you can go a long way, especially through ups and downs. It’s also important to address these people, so they know that you not only appreciate that support but take to heart them being in your corner. Being a musician has its ups and downs for sure and indie-pop artist andrews’ wanted to thank those who stuck with him through a season in his new song “Through the Night” premiering Friday August 31st.