What Went Wrong With Meadows Fest

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I think a better question would be what didn’t go wrong with the meadows? I mean seriously this was the worst festival I have ever been too. I will say this is the festival’s first year but they are owned by Founder’s Entertainment, the same company that also puts on The Governor’s Ball Musical Festival that was founded in 2011.

It’s Hard To Love Kanye, But I Do

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Oh Kanye, every time you do something outrageous I’m forced to defend you, but that’s the path I’ve chosen in life. I was first introduced to Kanye West by my friend Ben in high school, we used to sit outside my French class and talk about music and read magazines. He told me whenever he felt bad he listened to Kanye, and I was confused by that idea. Until I was converted into a fan. I listened to all of his albums, a lot.