Lauren Ruth Ward: An Ode To Healing

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Lauren Ruth Ward remains one of my favorite live shows I’ve ever seen; it feels like a cathartic release for the audience like she’s expelling her own demons on stage and taking the audience along with her. Her new EP is the product of her self-reflection, an ode to an inner-work journey. We caught up with her and talked about …

Lauren Ruth Ward’s Hypnotizing Music Will Have You Hooked

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The first time I saw Lauren Ruth Ward perform I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she commands the attention of the entire audience. She has this insane energy and the way she sings and moves on stage it’s like the music is just flowing through her and it washes over the audience captivating them. Her soulful vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and the way she performs like she’s exorcising demons from her own mind make her the rockstar we’ve desperately needed.