R.LUM.R And What It Means To Be In His Framily

emilytreadgold #1, Features

For many people, 2017 just was not their year. Wither politics, personal issues, or just worldly problems, the year was filled with a lot of darkness. However, I want to talk about a huge bright spot of the year, the music from Reginald Lamar Williams Jr., or as you may know him, R.LUM.R. I have gotten to know Reggie over the past two years; he is a staple in the Nashville music scene. Not only is he a classically trained acoustic guitarist, but he also loves anime, even studying Japanese as a second language during his time at Florida State University. With almost 1 Million monthly Spotify listeners, multiple cover spots on playlists, a SXSW headlining showcase, a spot on 2017’s ACL Lineup, and the release of his debut EP, Afterimage, we talk with R.LUM.R about his huge year and what is to come.