Taylor and I Do Give a Damn About Our Reputations

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Like Taylor, I was always told to watch my reputation because even if you don’t have anything, this is the most important quality you can have.

So maybe she’s dated her fair share of guys. Who hasn’t? She’s made plenty of frenemies. Yeah, again, who hasn’t? We all have our opinions on what she should and shouldn’t do. So when the announcement of her single and album all dropped in the same week, Swifties like me, were left shaken.

Ever since 2006, Taylor’s released a series of albums that resonated with me. I’m not talking the fangirl relationship where I’m all “WOW TAYLOR IS ME AND I AM TAYLOR,” but rather “Wow, this girl really gets it. Because even if my friends don’t, she does.” And now, the anticipation of her sixth album is building. Her single “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped at 10:30 last night and here we are 12 hours later and I know every word.

The single started off a bit mysterious and dark – almost Pretty Little Liars like. She goes all in with her catchy hooks.

“I don’t like your little games/Don’t like your tilted stage/The role you made me play — of the fool/No, I don’t like you”

This is probably the biggest hint the song is about Kanye West since he used a tilted stage on Saint Pablo tour. While in most Taylor songs, she plays it a bit coy and leaves it open to interpretations, this one is all in. She’s here to show she isn’t backing down and taking any shit.

Everyone has their opinion on this single. I agree it wasn’t the feminist nod we were expecting, but who’s to say that isn’t going to be on the album? And while she doesn’t necessarily call West out, what did you guys want? Is she supposed to just be like, “Yeah, f*ck Kanye!” That’s just not Taylor. To quote the infamous Parent Trap line her attitude about this is, “I have class and you don’t.”

Bottom line. Taylor has a reputation to uphold. I’ll agree with the critics. Yeah, in the past she’s played the victim in some scenarios, but LWYMMD seems different. It IS different. Taylor’s resilient and becoming a new person with this album. This unapologetic anthem has been the Taylor I’ve waited for since her debut self-titled album. She’s still the same good girl – she’s just become the girl with a backbone and that’s why I love her.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this moment. There are maybe 5 performers that I will fight for, and Taylor absolutely is one of them.

“But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time/ Honey I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time/ I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red underlined.”

Whether you agree with me or not is your choice, but I know you listened to the song and you’re talking about it.

And, truth be told, that’s exactly what she wants.

  • Samantha Fong

    At 15 years old, I begged my mom to take me to Walmart to get Taylor Swift's debut deluxe album and I never turned back. This was my very first entry point to stan fandom. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee I was exposed to a ton of music - from rapping 3 6 Mafia to bopping to Justin Timberlake's solo discography. Now, in LA have a day job working in nonprofit development, but by night, I'm a full-fledged fangirl. I'll listen to generally any genre, but I'm a sucker for a good pop song. If you ever need someone to scream sing Carly Rae Jepsen's E·MO·TION with, I'm your girl. No, I still have not gotten over the One Direction hiatus. Please continue to respect my privacy. Twitter : samfonggg, Instagram : samantha_fong

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